Friday, 17 December 2010

a precursor to direct action

abet the break totality smeared lashless in beating panned snow it
___________________________________________________ perhaps
representing the fray of silent-MGM backdrops feasibly
________________________________________ outlined of palm-size
artefacts: rhetorical ‘our’ now entirely singular, a
_________________________________ bone china diagram / all else
sculpted hydraulics having displaced the wash / meander(s)
___________________________________________ the only concern
is utterly poison; implicated w/ Orwellian concepts of
_______________________________________temporal waste
by-bow sections permitted for breath / grasps weary
___________________________________________does not equate
submission dry’d in larynx, gravely post-heat; the
_______________________________electorate are not an exercise
in strait this populous processing its very denigration
___________________________________ we will decompose in our
public space in case of eviction there is neither security by these
___________________________________________ isles’ currency.


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

employment notebook (15/10)

# "The Big Society is what happens whenever people work together for the common good (sic). It is about achieving our collective goals (sic) in ways that are more diverse, more local and more personal."

# "The Office for National Statistics also reported that the number of 16 to 24-year-olds out of work increased by 28,000 to 943,000, one of the highest figures since records began in 1992, giving a jobless rate of 19.8%."

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

November 2010, 16:40

forkcatch curve-wave vibrative to bone framework, cult
bent to cover. to this
_________________ embedding / sun-rich escapade
granada _ & to ‘concern’ social function
murk yur west end tractors
______________________ / we/rent
_______________________________ deprived/trad./postcode/ial
by relm affordability: horseshit/uranium/familial; re-street quotidian

as the freedom of information act failed to demand a
supposed ‘transparency of normal speech’, it turns upon us to
__decolonize rhetoric & the wider sphere of language,
__syllable-by-syllable. we are to start with ‘radical’,‘fairness’,
__‘social’ & it’s derivatives, ‘rhetoric’, ‘free’ & words used in
justifying a notion;
there is now animal fat in the extinguishers; we have begun to bribe
__refuse collections;
we have deduced the frequencies of sound that enact violence on
__private property, we
are counting heads,


Monday, 8 November 2010


a quick round-up of the current autumnal:

Octet sees the light of day in print this week - via Veer Books, it'll be available at this weekend's Small Publishers Fair (at Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, London). It consists of eight poems, of varying length, written between October '09 and August '010. It's apparently perfectly bound & everything. I'll also be reading some bits of it at the book fair early on Saturday evening. Thanks go out to Stephen Mooney & the rest of the Veer cohort.
There are bits & pieces & unrefined versions of the poems floating on this blog so click here for a peek. Slithers appear elsewhere - including Richard Barratt's new zine DEPARTMENT.

Also, Stephen Emmerson's BLART zine is live online, featuring lots of fine poets & some photopoemcollages I put together whilst falling asleep a few weekends back. The words were written in the second half of October & the photos taken on a late summer evening.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I only know how to bat ._if
this coil tensile recovery strays–
pattern noir definition, an ∫skein
(in situ) drawn index,_clue accented
around southern sip / percept/décor;
having gauge trace evident
the prong dined by you occupies, ease
in the grape reducing me garrulous.

temporal slippage: October,
london here threadneedles aesthetic
tremble through to marrow, nauseate
the wastage /sq ft or shield invite / glare:
keep your polished hands in dismount–
to need to trust air / percentage scape


Sunday, 24 October 2010


October's finale is already afoot. Fortunately, OPENNED is back this coming Wednesday (27th) - 7.30pm at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, London.... its free and features readings from Allen Fisher, Tim Atkins, Sarah Kelly, Jonny Liron, myself, and a whole load of great others reading in the final section. Details at

Saturday, 16 October 2010

current livid w/ denigration hunched common, reliant by

______________________________________colloid hang, scrapes w/
______________________________________tense point-inflection

_______thames is hum liquid of our
_______sickness splitt[ing] visual, a
_______constant to throw tyran , bat
_______punkture: environmental class
_______stated to long alleviate
_______reduction /hr
_______the two .active. hackney revol
_______meter of this terminus is foreign & public
_______w/ severed .informatives blitz out of weight/
_______mentality/scissored/press/re/distribute, it is
_______21:39 school buses hey landscaping convention
_______an ATM . passivity dries off escherichia;
___________________________ 'polis a red route we
_______unshielded on bicycles .condensed ascorbic

in solidarity, 04/10/10

Monday, 30 August 2010


hammond / organ epitome drooping about eyelids decorate
your fringes woollen shade & August
you have so little in nature of girls & brogues & 
c21 mysteries lit well revolve w/ east dozens cranes,
transport blowing the very pens: I am owned nostalgia
when the new cheap graze is all my cone cells
& beyond is just suburbs
sweet to toxicity
& knitting.

Friday, 20 August 2010

from 'Tauheed Epilogue'

light ambivalence dismantle , commence from
______the flute preceding creamwhite construction
______on new river drainspace. brickwork hung vibe
______________ hours drawn here rework negation
______________ mellow, spacious permeate rung to
______________ ice & fox the reservoir

______they will gaze down / strike in certainty,

vascular tires,
____________exhaustion is the brainstate caricature
____________ascended in adrenal height
____________taken early w/in diurnal,
_______________________________cheating the
____________turf ambient /sq ft. asphyxiated by
____________fear vs. wealth-brand–
_________________________to work / currencies
____________immaterial by their sketch, driving
____________colossal lampposts

________________________ashen fertile singeing her limbs
________________________delicate, base-level hues imply you
________________________home still, & precession
________________________uncertained: this is the evidence to how
________________________they perpetuate geographic
________________________________/ class fringe,
________________________& other heretics bricking skyline that I
________________________glared joyfully w/ 600 days bright –

________________________they stray centre, conscript
________________________to correspond for ______.

& Mylne,
______could your ancestry architect something
______/ past boredom? they've been crediting
______P.A. & the rest of us are aware
______________________/ crack cataclysms.

corporate digestive: architectural merit valued
less than collective memory ; demeanor tied
to tabloid north americas ;
______relocate to fringes.

__________________# acres earned in eyes
__________________almight / this postcode
__________________is little a crises
__________________/ geolocalised morality,
__________________what is assembled w/in
__________________these gates :
______√societyXL # minus density
______thirty minutes’ wage ascribed in waiting  
______/ exhaustives knocking conversation.  


____________this: heads draining, 23.30s smudged for

____________common trees vs. privacy, & respiration
____________in dew’d dwelling offset by stresswires _ (final)

__________________sprocket skip for & the press of this
__________________onto your neck
______________________________ & fools tone. groves.

__________________category messenger brimming by
__________________converse / washed in the wednesday
__________________blood levels, /glaze blemish / the
__________________physical item you have forgotten
__________________is an act / scrape / branches. icing
__________________/ exploratory remaining, dictation
__________________from levels, variant. purse hung.

__________________adrenal delirium cast out to brush
__________________caress reliant on sky. considerations
__________________matrix we neither / chart.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

written for Trans-Script (4th July 2010)

lossless post-wire cut.
‘I.’ marks obsessive, our microclimatic language
drowsed to blocks of general populace,
physical duality: non-concept’d. this
live projection grizzles temperate
to sentences stray & thinning in structure.

to flex & track trajectories,
hyper-skin capricious in revolutions per memory,
in youth stretched internal [under eyes on occasion]

& echolocation: _our thrive.
joy swell logistic,
ricochet to years to mind
conversation, itches before

Sunday, 20 June 2010

from '(Recumbant Territorial)'

the spanner’s moment about which
intensity of all gracious shards; all is
safe here now we’s neglected our
cathode ray oscilloscopes, kicked oligarchs
for nicotine patches supplementing
burning demand & / gifts constructed
exclusively within morality. retrospective
petroleum re-buried: a sustainable network
crawln beneath earth & obsolete scientific.
cranes / assembly with day-care (a plantation
of coral grown amidst reservoirs when a flock
marauds solar-settings) tongues in hypertext -
bemuse social.

renewables is particle flux: swarming. tapped
exercise test electric _ & all hums are canons
historic to this condition.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


There's the openned book-table, a new monthly feature at Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane - fullest info found at Openned Readings between 12noon-3pm, books between 12-6pm.

Also, Jonny Liron's The Situation Room is unveiled to the wider e-public, with a loose poetic bipyramid of Katko, Luna, Raha, Slug, Stanley & Liron at least. Directions at, 8pm, free.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Openned Zine #2 / Klatch #2 - Flotation

Everyones buzzing about this today - and rightly so.

Also, there's a few words of mine amongst many other fine ones in Openned's recently e-published Klatch 2. _ Flotation is a poem in three movements ( 22° / Overcast, etc. / symphonette ) which I wrote roughly over last July, August & September. The first movement is here, the third in Klatch 2.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Blue Bus tomorrow

just incase you missed the little sidebar on this blog, I'm doing a reading tomorrow night at the Blue Bus... I've been working on a set of poems known as 'Octet', which I'm intending to read a chunk of, and will also be performing the guitar-looppedal-sonnets again (there's six now).

Also reading are Anna Ticehurst & Lucy Harvest Clarke.

The Lamb, 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1.
7.30pm-ish. £5/£3

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

from an untitled poem

this island has little desire to paddle.
water temp. bulletin– waiting for seal
whilst ceasing to check the CO
blending your neuroskepticism;
clock-catheter paradox alarmed as
you swipe / bank balance, a one-bed
declared independent by town hall.
loudspeaker looping electoral & we:
reclaiming ‘bigot’ from bskyb.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Harry Gilonis

Elizabeth Guthrie

Tessa Whitehouse

Alex Davies 'sail hulks' outside

an ongoing documentation of bits of poetryland and such, taken on 35mm film via my '70s Nikon, can be found here

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

more shorts

frustration points tow to ambulance
& London: I have a statue proclaiming
bed & black curls
accenting oak grove. Palmers / not in use,
a selection of street-lit trees crash distribute

Monday, 12 April 2010

from an untitled poem

this is a recent bit from something longer. I've been debating if it should have been an individual poem - I don't think it will be, but we can pretend so right here on this blog.

* * * * *

beseech this– serpent logic, persuasive bait-dangle
resurges an ’04 heroes echo: conviction by genre
projected past benign decade markers.
& if dualist-by-blood
must you keep hours w/ nightcarts? &fields
≠ namesakes. allowance as construct: scenario
patched inc. ergo burnt & fertile,


The Glad Fact

first pass.

coach-etiquette one-oh-one : hold lamentable synth via infrastructure, this two thousand eight metonymy for power & let me introduct an instrumentation / mobiles held by girlfriends facially re-credited to metropolis repetition. begrudge this duty-free concourse, [ & here : ambivalent / isolate ]
______. the high-way presented as a off-white elevated piece of headwear
______cop / Calcutta (colon) . specific meteorological hung particles diffracting
______ minimal collations of borealis & come SATURDAY , [slight feedback incision]
scene one-point-three : bicycles, foundation cracks [not, on this occasion, disrupted by heavy dub subwoofing in Haringey-now-officially-the-worst-council-in-London-but-thank-fuck-for-Fetherstone-on-the-ladder] & as elevation completes this cycle, enter Fringillidae : leopard'd & w/ red-brown-follicular-crowning. the suggestive convertisments around sarcasm are unfounded & truth dictates two passions : one alcoholic. cognition under three medications predicts euphoria , with minor possibilities (unrequited under this course) of incestual insect fantasies, relocating this seed-eating-songbird to ex-leather jungle space neither of us sense or discretely recall. [parking-lot / climatic media of minute-strung-vacancy / feed the weeding / dereliction of adjacents either acute or obtuse in angular construct]. the initial scene on the 'national express' via Stansted is faux-chalk – in-elemental under week specifically fed with a 'B' on an A-string. one.three : vaguely extending colleaguel connectives, digging incomprehensible_ palindromes & entirely independent of season: sonic providers doubled as ear-plugs, even by this remote hill-stationary levelling [laying backs @ / floors of scala / David, cease these diversions already]. generational hang___ & father, & auto-rickshaw'd pubescent exp. _ fed air-lain-left-drumstick. & this temperature, knitting nineteen-ninety-two & remarks Johnston, [socks / feet / lyricists : when considering these poetics , implying assumptive barricades & tone controls]. waning dichromatism amid our carotenoids relay multiple contentions of possibility : a) risk malaria [re:Hewitt] _ b) recurrence of transport / spine [/ organ / conversation ]/ the feasible second-hand masquerading or transcendent of decades _ c) act xxii½, scene y : reset open elevators, new backdrop, flute-inquiry & mismanagement of staff, though Fringillidae probably represents respectable divisions of media , in proving 75% more accurate than a common carrier pigeon [redundants now retired to Hampstead Heath, disrupting & surrounding luncheons {sand/mi-granes}. expires 31st. Well-versed in feed-stock limitations.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

short february poems / #2 /

communicate : the wet left tension
icing hub-cap / east-facing.
looming her machines trigger / flesh
offices on mare w/out recorded service,
before freeze-signatures mitigate
& sink dayspan

duty, rust yur borough’s ;
frict trapezius

short february poems / #1 / two overheard fragments

Spaniards fussing her privacy, feed
phobic resonance to temp walls
& _ readership generationals: no,
pram-handlers & independing local
mis-signage – these for scales

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

short january poems / #2 /

for A.

feign haulage hatching recognition
drenches heat for a court: moss-broke
subsidiary claws the violin abroad –
your preface to strident absence.

of attitude, an exaggerate mirage
sublimes conscious units, resolute
verbs cornered on tongue.
fringe minutes _ brown-eyed in echo,
all out-ordered terms beneath your workplace.
tailors hand standard.
gestures her shrine:
all amid an interlude.

Monday, 18 January 2010

short january poems / #1 / monday

assigned: paradic voyeur of the mon/dane
draws sunglass ~ acute, snow inflection.

‘hello?’ barometer / ringing
the pines brace, hairpin
strain to invoke seismic tape
she starves vocational chords by,
patting the labrador