Saturday, 25 July 2009


in other news, the next Xing The Line shall consist of Alan Hay, myself, and Johan DeWit. Thursday 6th August, at The Leather Exchange (nr London Bridge).

Also, Francis Kruk has put together "sporangiophores" - "a lovely little purple bookie that made some rounds among participants of cork", consisting of a quandrangle of work from Harry Godwin, Michael Zand, linus slug and I. I'm sure copies will be popping up somewhere shortly.

Flotation, 22° (iii)

iii, w/slight meandering)
See, this commandeered chrysalis
here among the rafters._cultivation
of our opportunist security tie bizarre
to vague balances __. alleviate soft collapse
& fasten woodland_lubricate optic,_tannoy
echo the second tonics_considerate slip

two holes ___ shiver forensics for forearm
elocution in obscure tepid languages
_& you have your own resolute windows
_fraying as decayed scotch prose
_by the half measure.
__________________gin carve heads
in escalation, we do render stray manifestations;

the piano in the bathtub.
wichita sutra vortex.
braid / voices / BMB.
magic doors.
herring bone.
saltwater tokyo_ orchard auburn childhood
_lovelier (repeat)__ house_heart_lungs.
CN_condos._laura’s interlude.
silence (c7)_mountain._a hudson cycle.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Flotation, 22° (ii)

Leverage consists of remnant observation;
bowie haircuts___rendered & run like
reciprocal rotation.___attach____provide
___dismissal, fork previously pried
academy selection,______echoed ‘cross
________for canvas substance;___fear structured
as your essence appears, splitting succession
& the demographic of taste –
________couldn’t you predict weather
________& telephone some fair keeper?

________fairground or foreground,
forgive escalating vocations as you,
warm pupils & delay lustral speech,
_______________________breath brushing elbows

void diary______converse_______lent on tile
________cup warmth______drop lash fixation
pressing___for individual_______liquid attendance
_______________________.washed beating nectar

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Flotation, 22° (i)

The rough presentation of your whereabouts
constitutes my only cerebral rope,_expelled
in early day architecting,_failed communicative
step-up mystery, eastern fixation
& pin-numbered sub-base.
_______________________I have
this diffuse checking system that
attracts permutated desire, _leans & holds
appendages for bleak spells.
breaks of careerist throughfare
equivalent to decisive vocabulary,
clued & awkwardly bound
proves as entrance, persuasive gears
____________feathered & out of line
while you remain attended sunflower,
_draft frays my epicentre & stamen
_with overgrowth,
________________state translation
bemuse tokenised walkway
forgetting it is mid-July.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Two 9ers, for Hilson & Bonney respectively

A little under the weather - hopefully its not swine flu. I wrote these last night when the paracetamol kicked in & I couldn't sleep. Anyway,

* * * * *

Dear Jeff, hello, it is this same worn joke

in cultivating dates, for instance May 19th 1864,

w/ purpose as a land girl, stamping departments

at Somerset House. Though if my heart t’were an assart,

t’would only pine for SE6, as James’ consult

had left me to Catford –

right atrium akin to Foster Memorial Park

vena cava atoned to Whitefoot Lane

this black heath hithers green by Lewisham & Ladywell.

* * * * *

Dear Sean, sorry, I have no date for you

for my energetic expenditure is alone around Hackney

walking the Kings’ land, Morning Herald in hand

& though I have slain crossbowmen in Sydney

(w/ four a-levels clasped onto me belt)

my jobsearch is fucking cosmology,

as I was out faking / to taxpayers expense

his white-lily hands ruptured balls pond road,

my character taken by the DWP.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Notes on Tauheed now available | appendix

"Notes on Tauheed" is now available, for the small sum of £2, from The Arthur Shilling Press - click here.

* * * * *
Notes on Tauheed: Appendix (i)

#1 & #2
Autumn. lock pick understanding.
New River Company. designed to please.
W.C., son of R.
eleven years later / on Christmas day
homage of Myddleton Avenue
opposites built circa. 1990; castleviewed
_____,at an angle of 120o to north-west corner
sunset always hits (road alignment). neck inclined.
Trees at night / in Ear Park
new desk(s) / Dane (of questionable significance)
TCR cocktail bar: 3 strikes in your new state.
last en booth, last time on the crescent.
omissions: __Sepp passed out on sofa, w/insistence
_____,_____,___ to play “bridge over troubled water”
_____,_____,calming effect in medically dramatic

#3 & #4
they are not just firepersons.
protest? 1984? 3am as he stepped off bus?
Tescing ~ no definition, Google: “did you mean testing?” [What ?]

#? & #5
flatmates/siblings. direct recorded reference. skygazing.
take train to coast. re-observed south-side.
fragmented construction: 6.30pm / 12noon / 4pm?ish
she plays the record. herself & corridor, asks about Shrigley
timeframe of ‘#5’ suggests ‘#?’ is placed correctly
_____(sorry Harry – epilogue/coda is a nice thought)

I. : “like, whenever I listen to … I think of [physical / mechanical / biochemical]”

#7, #8 & #9
“Solo Piano” & “Heavy Ghost” interspersed.
London Fog ~ a hot beverage consisting of steamed milk,
_____,____, vanilla syrup & Earl Grey
“vote BNP” graphitti’d on bus stop / election day
_____,____, first reappearance since autumn
Piccadilly line tales : ____post-what?
____like (androgynous) (female) verging on tears (last night)
____written between station <-> front door (late)

check age.
haven't ridden the 29 in months.
haven't played the LP in months.
someone finally let the place – The Laurel Tree
(was Becky’s dream, Sara’s, a second year dream)
balloons ____ Youtube ___, legacy
never left on Harrington Square.
greetings from Mornington Crescent.
the next station is _________ Mornington Crescent
____(the last syllables: rise-risen-plateau rise-drop)
line 13 : whilst snaking Euston Road, turning right onto Gower Street.
whilst exiting Warren Street / entering Centennial State [blizzard]
whilst exiting Euston underground, 3rd escalator, bright AM, [non-seasonal]
windswept across square, distribution nr pedestrian crossing [to Gordon Street]

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

further untitled fragment

Stumbling onto househeld comforts posted
by southern videographers
sculpt tapping to minor pleasant chaos,
intrigue siding application detailed within
glancing bliss fresh from potent youth. Nerve
tides delicate travel, offering instrumental sketches,
build tensile comfort
zonal & in parallel I approximately locked,
calming & televisual.

Their blurted fables, right? these
well-spaced interludes balance fascination
with disruptive discomfort, inducing cascades
in ethereal frames, appearing capital
& space, convect blank skies or
observe spiral fluorescence, I am scattered
to near harmonic sequences on sofas, word
in hand, questioning if thirty progressions
will quench, if a quart will perch upon you,
if either will stray from focused limbs
or through canting in float this narrative remains.