a quick round-up of the current autumnal:

Octet sees the light of day in print this week - via Veer Books, it'll be available at this weekend's Small Publishers Fair (at Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, London). It consists of eight poems, of varying length, written between October '09 and August '010. It's apparently perfectly bound & everything. I'll also be reading some bits of it at the book fair early on Saturday evening. Thanks go out to Stephen Mooney & the rest of the Veer cohort.
There are bits & pieces & unrefined versions of the poems floating on this blog so click here for a peek. Slithers appear elsewhere - including Richard Barratt's new zine DEPARTMENT.

Also, Stephen Emmerson's BLART zine is live online, featuring lots of fine poets & some photopoemcollages I put together whilst falling asleep a few weekends back. The words were written in the second half of October & the photos taken on a late summer evening.


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