The Glad Fact

first pass.

coach-etiquette one-oh-one : hold lamentable synth via infrastructure, this two thousand eight metonymy for power & let me introduct an instrumentation / mobiles held by girlfriends facially re-credited to metropolis repetition. begrudge this duty-free concourse, [ & here : ambivalent / isolate ]
______. the high-way presented as a off-white elevated piece of headwear
______cop / Calcutta (colon) . specific meteorological hung particles diffracting
______ minimal collations of borealis & come SATURDAY , [slight feedback incision]
scene one-point-three : bicycles, foundation cracks [not, on this occasion, disrupted by heavy dub subwoofing in Haringey-now-officially-the-worst-council-in-London-but-thank-fuck-for-Fetherstone-on-the-ladder] & as elevation completes this cycle, enter Fringillidae : leopard'd & w/ red-brown-follicular-crowning. the suggestive convertisments around sarcasm are unfounded & truth dictates two passions : one alcoholic. cognition under three medications predicts euphoria , with minor possibilities (unrequited under this course) of incestual insect fantasies, relocating this seed-eating-songbird to ex-leather jungle space neither of us sense or discretely recall. [parking-lot / climatic media of minute-strung-vacancy / feed the weeding / dereliction of adjacents either acute or obtuse in angular construct]. the initial scene on the 'national express' via Stansted is faux-chalk – in-elemental under week specifically fed with a 'B' on an A-string. one.three : vaguely extending colleaguel connectives, digging incomprehensible_ palindromes & entirely independent of season: sonic providers doubled as ear-plugs, even by this remote hill-stationary levelling [laying backs @ / floors of scala / David, cease these diversions already]. generational hang___ & father, & auto-rickshaw'd pubescent exp. _ fed air-lain-left-drumstick. & this temperature, knitting nineteen-ninety-two & remarks Johnston, [socks / feet / lyricists : when considering these poetics , implying assumptive barricades & tone controls]. waning dichromatism amid our carotenoids relay multiple contentions of possibility : a) risk malaria [re:Hewitt] _ b) recurrence of transport / spine [/ organ / conversation ]/ the feasible second-hand masquerading or transcendent of decades _ c) act xxii½, scene y : reset open elevators, new backdrop, flute-inquiry & mismanagement of staff, though Fringillidae probably represents respectable divisions of media , in proving 75% more accurate than a common carrier pigeon [redundants now retired to Hampstead Heath, disrupting & surrounding luncheons {sand/mi-granes}. expires 31st. Well-versed in feed-stock limitations.



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