Monday, 7 April 2014

from 'radio / threat'

                    autoproclaim [::] will endowed in the shard is a
                                                                                           , its child glass
                                                                        / familial construct blood ozone
                                                                        sold fictive autoproclaim
                          [::] contemporary beauty of speculation << monumental
                          makes me /lie to my friends>>
conception block [doused
                                                                  casts of dirt / object-identitytype
                          weighing every london rooftop stench
                                                                  aspiration / national foul in
                          commercial/domestic claim to dwelling transformed post-LAPSO §144
                                                       from transport
                                                       <static street overseas corp power / on>
internal mutations / washed cross lines of
                                                       our flesh & lungs struggle / steroid clear , kept
                                                       hooked inflate & scars / to care in kiss cf.
:: the
                                                       number of times
                                               you have been told to think not ::
                                                                      duration saturating being
                                                                      perspective daily / landscape
                                                                      “engage, disrupt & deter” life &
                                                                      sleep by pavements humanity &
                                                                      increasing through thameswind
                                                                      neglible-net-worth cf. numb persons
                                                                      all newsprint is mythology
                                        autoproclaim [::]
                                                                      the shard is peaks PM10 particulates
                                                                      upper thames / millbank dressing glass
                                                                      thursday / marquis of granby SE14 NOx
                                                                      92 µg/m3 [¿ PM2.5 89 µg/m3 [¿ PM10
                                                                      107 µg/m3; for turning to sickness
                                                                                            ; logo of urban landscape ::
                                                                              ; overaccumulation / /

                  ; stunt ray skyscraped to fixed capital street assault / image perfect
                  that our words crossing subject realise publicity value our
                  squeals coexisting across work/labour distinction hyperstatic object-i exhaust
                                                 shard freedom to speculate / social
                                                 demolition / rebuilt honour / south asian blood
                                                 untranslated to dirham to pound
                                                 circulates to the heart of
                                                 >>lie to my friends
                                                 sun hung freeze hands of personified
                                                 >>street with the white financial
kidnap bankers
                          that the wharf parasitic eyeshot / line nook
                          nightby old kent rd / that our local mutates 
                                         / mutates new trains mutates w/ popular
                                         haunts / commercial tucked bourg. urban
                                         transplant valley hollar outdoor untitled
                                         ex-shopfront that they started to superbia / hit
                                         mechanical history / started to
                                         [#] supermarket // that your estate agent / 2nd in
                                         peckham, which belongs to none of us,
                                         that they rack us by our leased shacks &&  
                                         season of crisis produced over human

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

from 'radio / threat'

                             wealth harmonics /~/ negative series
                                                                  :: ‘british’ jobs mythology, a history of
                                                                     global blood & appropriation; consider
                                                                               who now severing the workmind /
                                                                               feasting  economic / funds public
                                                                               handed corporate ; the

                   unemployed reserve mutated to latent ‘workers’ shocks
                   frantic & starvation quote “looking for
                   yr future potential state productive
                   equates = £70pw ‘wage’ (sic) ‘free’
                                                                jubilant dictates morality
                                                                deployed typical ref. business practice
                     iain duncan messiah weekly that
                     vulnerability will force ‘productive’
                                                                           job cathedral / birdsweet
                                                                           by echo of sirens, wage lie, lie food bank
                                                                           lie jcp vulture hoard / bomb fetish ;; or
                                  deported, the value & investment in
                                  migrant hate tory pr salaries
                                  &/or tabloid editors the
                                                                       £figure that can be transformed into social fear
                                  operating against the recognition of agency
                                  & material need cf. acts of insolent british
                                  citizenry / that the
                                                               increase of migrant workers necessarily
                                  sources profit accumulation it is the
                                                           2015 general election {#} question 16: the words  
                                                           'britain', 'british isles' or 'british', however, are used
                                                           in this test to refer to everyone in a)
                                                           england b) the corporation’s city of london c)
                                                           serco yarl's wood detention centre
                                                           d)  policeofficer at door [§]
                                                                                                     = spectral theresa may
                                                                 [insert surveillance] the
                                                                              lyric you of television / you &/or
                                                                              descendents of empire windrush passengers,
                                                                              cavorts to democratic violence
                                                                              in pronouncements of  inverse
                                                           / polling booth myth absolute
                                                           = financiers queuing to enter parliament radio
                                                           4 air dead of eastern economies & difference
                                                          / all economies are negative histories bodies           
                                                                          & lived exploitation relative
                                                                          to the word 'fair' in all mouths
              [§] impossible beliefs of liberalism here
              in the 21st century when we do not exist &/or suffer

Monday, 20 January 2014

To Simon Howard [1960-2013]

                                                distortion contemporary to
                                                                                          logical freeze affective drizzle
                                                / torrents curved across the backs of us,
                                                incites memories
                                                                           reran / growing waveforms negate
                                                                           harmonic rationalism. their equivalent
                                                                           saturated, maintains the steady, old
                                                                           kent road as a form of purgatory, etc.
                                                                           reads our hard clasps unliving. caught
                                    in the care, familial will praise you.
                                          frequencies strain w/ the weight, as economy
                                          / endemic suction
                                                                      disables the possibility of social good:
                                    strips density out from private
                                                                                   struggled upon. our bare reach
                                    of digital comms–
                                                                 this poem is both a thin &
                                                                                                          thick support, through
                                                                 cur of the freeze & (sic) credit universalisms,
                                                                 holding the skin to our fingers.

                                                                                                                        December 2012

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

the modern legal system is not for saving you

in absolute solidarity w/ CeCe McDonald

                                    limit for static
                                                               change in assignment,
                                                               registered to throes of bureaucracy: that
                    protected characteristics
                                                               cf. status quo conservational society inc.,
                                                               newsprint mythology
                                                               where privilege of a/recognisable common sex is
                                                                  unrecognised as privilege.
                                                                                                                 whose being
                                                                  does legislation represent?

                                                       whose disclosure to
                                                                                          the bounds
                                                       white classed liberalism,
                                                                               the false grails of the free in ties
                                                                               & employment, beside the colour of the
                                                                                  same in employment
                                                       difference slated to 'the same as but',
                                                       with fear or something---; reproducing
                                                       the scene of happily //-til she
                                                                              blood cut a fascist with
  her labour tools,
                                                       state oriented against intervention, of the necessity
                                                       to exist still in the AM,// ‘cept intervention
                                                                                                     the sanction
                                                                                                                          of good
                                               / of socially-necessary incarcerated/ dear
                                               CeCe speak / feeling beside the 'can'
                                               / not by list of our
                                                                               trans* collective global loss / break
                                                                               the pillars / amnesiac /
                                                                               burying the ribbon & its referents
                                                                              / deviance struck off the // official
                                                                              history of civil rights according us freed
                                                                              compelled through the prohibition