Tuesday, 16 December 2014

from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                   our archives of health, abstraction
                   & belonging / precarity, sirens
                   of work & body & home
                                                          // consider the boss as virus attached
                                                          tissue / muscle, our agony
                                                                                                   growth of the
                                                 city, sprouts & off ‘natural’ until
                                                 collapse, where we
                                                                              organs hollow left
                                                            heat w/out clambering
                                                            ingredients f’ each hour had
                           built 2008 2001 1993
                                                            1986 1973 1929 1907
                           1901 1896-73 1866
                                                        1847 1837 1825 1819
                                                            1796 1772 1720 ,, ventriloquist towns
                                                            of our births, of death finance personified
                                                     , extract suffer
                                                                           /ance & life support / premium
                                                            foodbanks & detentions, border strictures &
                                                            hang of “the law private &
                                                                                                     up close / I
                                                            wanted to […] be a joke”, cracked
                                                            fetish : canary wharf

from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                                   that fear bred by law & capital newsprint
                                                     frays nerve only in our cellular /*
                                                                       taken daily to pave / ages
                                   to the bullet for any black person :
                                                               state sanctioned & de
                                         -livered as just /
                                                                  sphere of such notions dispossessing
                                                               ;; rational w/ the cuff-threat to our friends _:

                          of officer cognitions :: that this death
                          does not exist in our borders /,, elevations
                                                of possible violence
                                                                               w/in the solidarity & not
                                                                               baton & cell,, that the mass
                                                                               arrest here is not for profiles
                                                                  racialised w/ white cop
                                                                                                      minority against
                                           brown & black youth our ‘breathe’
                                           inflect resounds fierce, feminine /  
                          that the guilty particular remains determinate
                          negation of cognitive blood of the british state since 2001
                                                            , 1981, 1757, 1562 tends our separations by culture, by the
                                                                                        knife at skin

                                       // what momentary we crashed
                                       still regent & oxford sts brooklyn
                                       bridge FDR drive route 580 the
                                       flaming economy of ferguson ;; as our ‘don’t
                               shoot’ & bodies
                                                       break the / whitehall fear charge of riot vans

                                                                                                                            [december 2014]

Monday, 24 November 2014

readings in december / poems

two readings in december:

Turbamento IV
Tuesday 2nd December

Geraldine Bhoyroo
Jeff Hilson
Nat Raha

And a special performance of Turbamentomime: A Play in Three Acts, With Two Intermissions, A Prologue And An Epilogue

, Free 
Downstairs at the Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road (EC1R 3BL)



poems have been emerging since the summer in recent issues Tripwire (Oakland), Zone (Canterbury), Sundial (Maine) and more forthcoming in the next issue of Materials (Cambridge).

Thursday, 23 October 2014

(london will die)

                          as all we ever bought here w/
                          suffering & condemnation,
                                                                    , by the basis
                                                                    disinvested in lives & the
                                                                    workings of the hospital /
                          dereliction carved vital into tony blair & white teeth
                                            & smiles sound
                                                                    tracked back to work &
                                            bed closing circuit wage differentials [::]
                                                       of cyclic years cutting & our
                                                       difference rendered the same [£]
                                                                    of things can only craned speculative
                                                                    of financial blood / abandon f’
                                                                    contemporary rot
                              between alarm rent clock day & the damp
                              bred work & less well, you
                              sick daily by the skill shortage & IWGB:
                              collateral of wages for living, dear
                                                                                  boris opinion violence
                                            distributed / digested to the point of / common false
                                            killing clean for the purpose of the crimeswept &
                                            arteries oligarchical, [[applause of yur latest
                                                                                                               friends sung
                                                            until the housing bubble detonates all
                                                            drunk dressed up to leicester square & post-
                                                public school,
                                                                      as solidarity bored
                                     office cellular goes to
                                                                      foodbank & the
                                                                      paving, cloud top
                                                                                                 of the shard as the
                                                                                 working class vanished severe & you
                                                                                 puke underground
                                                                                               [[ forgot from friends
                                                                                 carved glass through the throat
                                             poem is easy & as inevitable
                                             as the next collapse ::
                                                                               productivity absent bled
                                                                               arms from the city
strand dust poured
                                ashes of our work onto parliament square, which you can
                                           holiday w/ the police throwing knives charge
                                                  / odeful hallway snailing city
                                                  hall glass, your murder of
                                                                                         frequencies & hours
                                                                                         barb the workday
                                & A&E warped into yur lux home to filth
                                                    to gull & garbage struck still & labourless
                                                    & ancient foul of thameswash