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Scottish PEN podcast with Eli Clare

As part of Scottish PEN's MANY VOICES project, which wrapped up earlier this year, myself and Eli Clare recorded a podcast - which was, for me, somewhat transformative. Eli visited Scotland in Autumn 2017, occasioned by the project and which included a reading at the Scottish Poetry Library alongside members of I Write, I Rise - a trans and non-binary creative writing workshop I was running in Leith. The podcast was recorded at a moment where a number of questions for myself, about the relationship between political work and radical [trans] poetics, were coming back into my mind after 'de/compositions' was published. Eli had the answers.

You can listen to 'Finding language for our gender' here. The blurb is below.

The Many Voices podcast by Scottish PEN brings into focus voices that are often marginalised or silenced. In each podcast, we’ll hear discussions between writers involved in our Many Voices outreach project, readings, and a featured interview with a Scot…

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