books et al.

collections & pamphlets

of sirens / body & faultlines
norwich: boiler house press, forthcoming.

sheffield: enjoy your homes press, 2017, 40pp.

leith: sociopathetic distribution, 2017, 51pp.

[of sirens / body & faultlines]

london: veer books (2nd edition), 2015, 36pp.; london: sociopathetic distribution (1st edition), 2015, 32pp. both editions are sold out.

radio / threat
london: sociopathetic distribution, 2014, 22pp.

two treatise on affective dialectics
london:sociopathetic distribution, 2014, 16pp.

london: contraband books, 2013, 52pp.

mute exterior intimate

old hunstanton, norfolk: oystercatcher press, 2013, 24pp.

London: Veer Books, 2010, 64pp.

Notes on Tauheed. London: The Arthur Shilling Press, 2009. Sold out.

poetry in anthologies

Wretched Strangers. JT Welsch & Ágnes Lehóczky (eds), Norwich: Boiler House Press, 2018.

Liberating the Canon: An Anthology of Innovative Literature. Isabel Waidner (ed.), Dostoyevsky Wannabe Experimental, 2018.

Refracted Light: 20 Poets Respond to Jackson Mac Low’s Light Poems. James Wilkes (ed.), London, 2015.

Me han hecho de no/I have been made of no: pequeña anthología de poesía inglesa actual. William Rowe (ed.) & Kurt Folch (trans.), Santiago, Chile: Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, 2014. Bilingual Publication in Spanish and English.

Dear World & Everyone In It: New British Poets. Nathan Hamilton (ed.), Highgreen, Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2013.

The Dark Would: an anthology of language art. Philip Davenport (ed.), Apple Pie Publishing, 2013. Digital Edition.

Binders Full of Women(‘s Poems). Sarah Crewe & Sophie Mayer (eds), London, 2012.

Veersomes #001. Ulli Freer (ed.), works by Becky Cremin, Amy Evans, Nat Raha, Francis Kruk. London: Veer Books, 2012.

Better Than Language: An Anthology of New Modernist Poetries. Chris Goode (ed.), London: Ganzfeld, 2011.

Sporangiophores. Francis Kruk (ed.), works by Harry Godwin, Michael Zand, linus slug and Nat Raha. London: yt communication, 2009.

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