November 2010, 16:40

forkcatch curve-wave vibrative to bone framework, cult
bent to cover. to this
_________________ embedding / sun-rich escapade
granada _ & to ‘concern’ social function
murk yur west end tractors
______________________ / we/rent
_______________________________ deprived/trad./postcode/ial
by relm affordability: horseshit/uranium/familial; re-street quotidian

as the freedom of information act failed to demand a
supposed ‘transparency of normal speech’, it turns upon us to
__decolonize rhetoric & the wider sphere of language,
__syllable-by-syllable. we are to start with ‘radical’,‘fairness’,
__‘social’ & it’s derivatives, ‘rhetoric’, ‘free’ & words used in
justifying a notion;
there is now animal fat in the extinguishers; we have begun to bribe
__refuse collections;
we have deduced the frequencies of sound that enact violence on
__private property, we
are counting heads,



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