from 'Tauheed Epilogue'

light ambivalence dismantle , commence from
______the flute preceding creamwhite construction
______on new river drainspace. brickwork hung vibe
______________ hours drawn here rework negation
______________ mellow, spacious permeate rung to
______________ ice & fox the reservoir

______they will gaze down / strike in certainty,

vascular tires,
____________exhaustion is the brainstate caricature
____________ascended in adrenal height
____________taken early w/in diurnal,
_______________________________cheating the
____________turf ambient /sq ft. asphyxiated by
____________fear vs. wealth-brand–
_________________________to work / currencies
____________immaterial by their sketch, driving
____________colossal lampposts

________________________ashen fertile singeing her limbs
________________________delicate, base-level hues imply you
________________________home still, & precession
________________________uncertained: this is the evidence to how
________________________they perpetuate geographic
________________________________/ class fringe,
________________________& other heretics bricking skyline that I
________________________glared joyfully w/ 600 days bright –

________________________they stray centre, conscript
________________________to correspond for ______.

& Mylne,
______could your ancestry architect something
______/ past boredom? they've been crediting
______P.A. & the rest of us are aware
______________________/ crack cataclysms.

corporate digestive: architectural merit valued
less than collective memory ; demeanor tied
to tabloid north americas ;
______relocate to fringes.

__________________# acres earned in eyes
__________________almight / this postcode
__________________is little a crises
__________________/ geolocalised morality,
__________________what is assembled w/in
__________________these gates :
______√societyXL # minus density
______thirty minutes’ wage ascribed in waiting  
______/ exhaustives knocking conversation.  


____________this: heads draining, 23.30s smudged for

____________common trees vs. privacy, & respiration
____________in dew’d dwelling offset by stresswires _ (final)

__________________sprocket skip for & the press of this
__________________onto your neck
______________________________ & fools tone. groves.

__________________category messenger brimming by
__________________converse / washed in the wednesday
__________________blood levels, /glaze blemish / the
__________________physical item you have forgotten
__________________is an act / scrape / branches. icing
__________________/ exploratory remaining, dictation
__________________from levels, variant. purse hung.

__________________adrenal delirium cast out to brush
__________________caress reliant on sky. considerations
__________________matrix we neither / chart.


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