a precursor to direct action

abet the break totality smeared lashless in beating panned snow it
___________________________________________________ perhaps
representing the fray of silent-MGM backdrops feasibly
________________________________________ outlined of palm-size
artefacts: rhetorical ‘our’ now entirely singular, a
_________________________________ bone china diagram / all else
sculpted hydraulics having displaced the wash / meander(s)
___________________________________________ the only concern
is utterly poison; implicated w/ Orwellian concepts of
_______________________________________temporal waste
by-bow sections permitted for breath / grasps weary
___________________________________________does not equate
submission dry’d in larynx, gravely post-heat; the
_______________________________electorate are not an exercise
in strait this populous processing its very denigration
___________________________________ we will decompose in our
public space in case of eviction there is neither security by these
___________________________________________ isles’ currency.



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