from '(Recumbant Territorial)'

the spanner’s moment about which
intensity of all gracious shards; all is
safe here now we’s neglected our
cathode ray oscilloscopes, kicked oligarchs
for nicotine patches supplementing
burning demand & / gifts constructed
exclusively within morality. retrospective
petroleum re-buried: a sustainable network
crawln beneath earth & obsolete scientific.
cranes / assembly with day-care (a plantation
of coral grown amidst reservoirs when a flock
marauds solar-settings) tongues in hypertext -
bemuse social.

renewables is particle flux: swarming. tapped
exercise test electric _ & all hums are canons
historic to this condition.



  1. Like this very much, Nat! & "supplementing/burning demand".

  2. ah, thanks Simon! I don't really know what I think about this myself... hmm

    really looking forward to getting my mits on your book x

  3. I like "kicked oligarchs / for nicotine patches" and "tongues in hypertext". Good work Raha!

  4. ho ho, thanks slug. you who puts up the most with my hypertextual chin wagging !


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