Assessment Pattern [third fragment]

Exhaustive whatever 3: self-subjected plague. The
agency age questionable, although
what the fuck were you thinking? Would guidance
have marked visible artefacts of able contribution?

The lantern cascade crossing back
to a delicate flat-brush, your magnificent easel
like coastal clutching delirious with unpronounced
allure / desire / light cranial kisses.
The wear of years knotting cognitives,
inappealing selection rules or you, flourishing
share my hand with summertime’s aqueous emerging.

* * * * *

(The make-shift academic shack, on
cleaving crystals, generate, (do) we (really)
want to know the election distribution) look,
Dear C., you have exiled / relation / barraged
like I was Edwardian, mare slave-makers,
this decent long withstood
one year due,
direction’d only out sand through sunken,
in case your memo junkyard vegetable nicorettte
branded you enthalpically challenged,
I’m fucking someone whose possibly worth
dSdH/dt^2. Aware of the final carnage
accent to monarchic lability, confidence
is of not you, not the mole-hilled
orchard (disguised as a vinery).

The genetic epicentre – a household
peace’d resilience at lowered aggregation.

’08, a flash on June 6th
Gordon Square
telephone handed to the 3.45 from Kings Cross.
Knowing enormity un-grasped. Wicked pause.
Attack sorbed organics. Androgyny through inkeeping,
gothic macroporous architecting misfortune
on canvas, intellectual / scientific doubt.

* * * * *


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