Assessment Pattern [fourth fragment]

The knowledge in your new era,
in ideals of mental indulgence, later
lighting in discontent, apparitions and possible fates
a disturbance unfulfils my scarlet perception.

Bragg diffracting at zone boundary, conduction
on odd. Severe delays. Divining modernity,
privilege & generations melt in cut price scorching;
he is in the vicinity – sharp shaven –
an elegantly grown pro. I am not thinking of him
am I not. Characteristic scattering
though lowered post-theory aperture.

Slow cracking audible, elective wrists knotted
for undecided witness. If she is held,
if she had looped her reminding rules,
a noted post-it room as an adult / sunglasses / scaffold for durational vectors / counter inquisition / even glad hanging still /
on diminished returns let the complex hold her later identity over resonance mixed-state
“these situations are not to be humoured” / slipping back / I have shed / pragmatic & radiate fear complex.

My devices are no longer capable of sweet distant chiming,
as day-drenching anonymous after-hours cast persons
to traffic trade. Salt nectar scale wired in later balancing
ever, ever the decision preventative brow hold.

* * * * *

The Glaswegian ripping off a Monty Python sketch
involving realism, 16-tonne guilt
and an exponentially decreasing time-scale,
theoretical probability relationships have particular combinations
so far located, freewheeling black estate take biker.

* * * * *


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