Assessment Pattern [final fragment]

Having delved into former relief patterns
I’ve come to understand the sinister bagging,
flail, waste cover daughtered in birthday
pass the guilds venom, third gravy independence
enroute telephone fear as gushing flaw grips toes,
you should probably drink more tea.
Quick turn check through curls, you
greater than half listening glad
as data organisation plane carpet edge.
Hard-hard electrostatic predominance
Ackerian intake, stabilised induction in raising,
beheld / lightness.

* * * * *

The final situation implicit meteorological,
extensive embroiding mindscape, nature
slice functionality | withdrawing, entropic law
application out of spheres, the exhaustive
operator soaking recanted circadian intersection.
A ringing application prior
truth: you are all but sympathetic. My liable absence
exponent with excursion, ladders in mixing.

Like said burial, educational resignation is of years
devote past, claw, museumproof on first flour
I have / technology / to avoid
stepping somewhere in London -
Philip is backing me developing
desperate optimism, you are fleeting
filthy sixties architecture you must be,
trowel something in acknowledgement
use for humour & expression
& invention, I cannot take
the bullshits alignment
out, dressed, as 2005
I wandered lightness freely
having since been the driver of
worthless casting onto modes washed.
Finale: strike you except in association with
click, excavation, brush dust lashes
slow opening without Gordon Street business.


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