£5.73 p/h

It feels slight weird posting something about work at 5.30pm on a Friday before a bank holiday weekend.

* * * * *

2nd coffee data entry appoint appointment handover check inbox enter.
"could I do the training thingy please?
ok... *dept*... compulsory...wilderness Wednesday / Thursday / twelve with Rachel & Jazz & THURS-Day-twelve-TWO OPTIONAL?!-not-coming-not
hi telephone compulsory some are I spoke recently
to you (Barbara wants a room) "I’ve been told
no but I’m committed
would you rather have lunch from 1 ‘til 2 right?
my my always hang on seconds
for all for thinking so
in the next exactly your just R dot
I know, *laughs*, [note to self: sign wage sheet]
urrr I work here look I’m at working
sipping free are you working today
as long as, in a low voice, there's not more than
hello? in this one there are two gaps *hangs up*
carry conversation attentive holding wash
hold the line afternoon the board is behind
but in the front in the
J dibit I don't know hat I'm doing anymore yes.

Borrow, it matches your dress / smiles

The deflation in your monochrome supremebeing jacket
the ringing paused.
They won't, passive tone, they haven't been
for a year, they won't but they,
unfortunately the three authorisations
you could ask her as she suggested
she asked me to do this
you are morning tided over shadowed
timid like that weird one I met on the
3rd day / or day one of however hundred
your black resemblance, hair
in allocations in grant
grant if its coming
if they don't sign off
that’s just how it works
afraid (apologetic not fear)
you’re still passive in wait
& it works like sorry

I have the dirt on a former in-geist, though I am sealed
in thousands in non tens
though you shout cross meet


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