Assessment Pattern [second fragment]

Exhaustive predictions 1.
Diminishing decisions leafed fleeting Holborn
gardenias. Business. Popularity lessening lunch-hour
beauty in redbrick courting corporate reflection,
bob-cut disappearance. The apparent humour
of his Ti-Chi spectacle. His hat his eminence
parallel, the belief of absence, merchant river
hot yard beverages, the potential of us / count
hours, out to shore edge,
caress summer colour-time promenade
frozen to flashbulbs.

* * * * *

Trailings: a breed’s essence
untoxicated, the tarnished detachment taking
a physical form, rising heated exhaustive
second coffee tapping anxiety onto comfort,
strip exposition feared herds,
sun on castle index,
lobe medicated. The frayed appeal
of past four dithering, Earthly concern condemned
from handsome foreground, “CROSS THE ROAD”
you may aswell pull a Malcolm Tucker. If Malcolm was
I’d bribe him to departmentalise the isochronic
prof. probably not note-worthy.

* * * * *

(A short pause of half-speed spinning
heads decoratively in 7/4 –
you collapse atop & laugh out calendar.
Attached soul-saver clasping, the cusp,
the inversion, elation coursing
your oceanic gaze).

A wash out. Slowly conjuring evening, the
turning third position noted
temperate, condemned creative
dashing reduction, tear’d morning cease
I cannot bare you, I cannot allow,
the idealised fiction manoeuvres forgo
acquaint further
to ensure negative seasonal potency -
provided our deduction accuracy -
doesn’t disable. A pragmatic pursuit.
Hedge plastic intermission, disarm fear
spectacle bringing concern –
Are you curves safer on diversion? increasing
ortho-traffic density.

* * * * *


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