Assessment Pattern [first fragment]

The clock synchronised to white ink.
Orion’s unlatched ensemble deprecated -
Liberation imminent. Sunshine thrown cursive,
hand-held, neck inclined witness vehicle
dissipate, a silk-like scorching.
Liquid license seep, a soothing caress
of diminished calcinations. Evol. The
finest detail internalised, a lethargic watches –
puzzling (motorbike
growl out pillow) the fortune, required
priva odd Eisenhower. 34th.
The great historical condensed
compensation (gore / swamp additional).

Having planned an outhouse
& evening drift earl grey provision,
she frequents – ( briefly across
unresided tabled ) pair
synthesis / personal
progression I must pry
corrugate I must!

* * * * *

Sprung caffeine morning circling castle
birds, a caressing conscience –
muted / longing / fortune light direction
to rotating species. Luck seated
petty city fortune, remain evening decay
depopulating pseudo?cognitive states,
if we say illumination const.
we can radiate the same
conditions car alarm eight-twenty exhaustive
crunch reserve light out of vision,
express illicit magnitudes –
blood blue dependence simmer encouragement
withstanding lyrical. I was here
a year ago, fucked, inexplicably siren’d.

In exhaustion, I ponder
your personally seasoned hue, sweet
fluorescing sense daydream caress chromatics,
locked in a reciprocal space representation
someone long before belonging deduce,
the interlude unjust.

Casual omission of uses, the mean free path,
the requiring technique doesn’t cater surface
sensitive, curves minimal semblance
May-day to-do list:
Commend sibling resilience ( surprise | hurt
| years ). Light suggestion of closure.

* * * * *

His horrific distribution gets to me.
One thousand three hundred days (& nearly,
figures out) a fitting to his ruin two
______ who the fuck? Seriously
scientific Glaswegian caricature
the hilarity of his letters
______ “we hope” we? Why?
So you can take like Taxney?
unchronic perhaps sore.
Warfare prolongs poker antagonism.

* * * * *


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