(when we're working while we're asleep)

                                                                      curves us from
                                                                                             the day’s intern
                                                                      \ positioned  ,  close drawn
                                                                                                                , heat
                           wrap shift
                                           affections ‘cross


                                                                            cheek &
                                                                                 hairstroke comfort in
                                                            historicity of rest space ::
                                                       keeps minds near [∆
                                                                                      & felines in start: winter
                                                       , radiates through privacy housed, exchanged,
                                                                             captures each action for
                                                                             & emits social myth [§ & that
                                                               if restless
                                                                             we will
                                                               struggle at the premise capacity for the day due
                                                                             / as the blind pulls itself
                                                                                                                   to gloam
                                                                             electric the police stationed/ fortifies
                                                                             neighbourhood //
                                   of arms tending  , clutch
                      despite the nerves inactive , ache
           limbs to agony / drained from the type,
                                                                        inhabits exiting to a.m., alarmist // held
                                              together queer women
                                                                                 anterior to labour dates /
                                                                                 subsist even as muscles &
                                                                                 /or thought stall
                                                :: without of the workplace forms
                                                as it shores subjection / cultivates , gains our
                                                                     remaking out of sight // that
                                                             the fictitious private, hewn their
                                                                     reified work of romance
                                                                 the relations where our genders fall
                                                                        as the simplest of words, we
                                 lust for the rest / hands
                                                                      freest from repetitions of the wage

                                                         , they: pathology weaponised
                                                              struggle to thieve health / to grasp the poem
                                                         & nuzzle you as capital kisses it night


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