from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

Gay Rights Demo, Albany NY, 1971 [S.T.A.R. members visible]
- Davies, Diana - NYPL Digital Collection

                                      after rituals :
                                                          yur assertions of good living

                                                           over sim
                                                           -plicity atomic of
                                                                            a name / unknown.
       that we might approach the dead
                                            to know,

       week Leslie Feinberg, much of our
       deaths & of comrades
       needed ‘gainst greying / culture
                           casual, drawn structured to suffer
                           slight & exacerbate
                                                        from health, pharmaceuticals, textbooks &
                                                        limit narration break
                                                        temporary, frayed clothes to
                                                        ward possible
                                                                 the plural sic ‘tween awards
                                                                 crowdsourced rent as vitality
                                                                 severs w/ governance
                  of friends of the dead
                     turning existence to art, projections
                                                   from which to speak, from the
                                                   piercing freeze
                                                                         of safety, from
                                                                         patrols folding us out
                     the trust of whiteness socio-material, executes of the
                        black sister/ black sister/ black sister/ black sister/ black sister/ black sister &
                      yur response of raceless reform//
                  from the violence & threat institutional held against us in youth,
                      from the labour that keeps circulating pathological,
                  from the epistemic violence of identity based history
                  [november ‘14]

                                                            later weeks & light by snow
                                                            the love to pull up our herstory. failed
                                                                    versions heard in hearsay
                                                                                                           from our falseplural
                                                                    to capture / endure of the daily
                                                                    in violence
                                that we must understand in 'fought back', in Sylvia's
                                'to do every violent thing I
                                could think of', in raw revolutionary foundations hussled
                                                 as a basis of political organising,
                                                       the ceasura of norms disintegrating
                                                       momentarily gender as liberation,
                    & its banner to oppose
                    the liberal contemporary ::
                                                              conformation & limit point
                                                              on the concept of sexism
                              / screamed to reify as we witness the
                                                                                       failures of such lines &
                                                       ;; if we could
                                                                           bare the dust
                                                                           reflect non-identity in history our,
                                                                           marcations glossed in
                                                                                                            speech claiming
                                                                                                            new heirs , once
                                                       wanting to forge a new concept of generation, familial,
                                                                           that we will continue
                                           choke inembodiment
                                           their social remaining intact


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