from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                                             negative constellations of
                              the home
                              office \ collateral to terror abuse
                                                                    & refuse
                                                                    & profit
                                                       captures of freedom by the non-designation
                                                       bodies blacknd as
                                                                                  / imminent critique of the colonies
                                                                                  the 2015 General Resignation / grey
                                                                                  breaking grey our reckoning old
                                                                                  kent frozen spring budget day with
                                                                                                -drawal of qualitative life means &
                                                                                  syllables sung economic optimism / growth
                                  of violence / fortifications of discourse &
                                  right & the false universal  ¿£ pits
                                                                            kingdom & its armours detonation east /
                                                         remnants unified
                                                                                   ```constricts & detains
                                          have been refusing food
                                         demonstrates movement / from
                                         will to necessity //
                                                         police ode contain
                                                         expend / govern subject
                                                         / negative cells for extinction by origin or psychosis
                                                        stop & search standardised street order
                                                                                          kept / deserving
                                                                                          nation / public
                                                        deaths slow as the sector contracts w/ the profit rate
                                                        barricade antifund wash smog westmoreland
                                                                     fortress campsfield, yarls
                                                                     wood, harmondsworth/ the
                         total institution / ten o’clock
                         fear & circulations tend to
                         plunder & syria / fasttrack & paracetamol, nail
                         your hunger to the gut of theresa may//


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