(society will execute itself)

                                we have already lost the 2015 general

                                        vows austere realpolitik blessed
               & kneeling before the ECB [[ immune / flamed
                                            police car / productivity gap
                                                                                        the grasp
                                                                                        becoming ownership

                                             /action boundary orbit
                                                                                 directives constrained
                                , that they write us off from the inch of deviation
                                bodies as conflict to orthodox economics »» the
                                            division of migrant labour inside the houses of parliament
                                            administered / negative reality drops
                                                                & its experiments severing
                                                               owed ground, breath.
                                knowledge redact to
                                transaction &                                                      
                                                                           // if our
                             frustration livid in the riot form / state
                             of being as response :: what
                                               of the need to break thru /
                                               hierarchy, sensuous archives
                                               the violence lived to each
                                      of us,
                                               particular, constellating,

                                                                                     in scale & critique new to exist us

     traumas of hunger              & the formations of life we have been inventing since every decade
                  & work             
shackled us closer--
           & hetcultures                                   fissions source value                            
                bleaching the minds                      
#] over which we feed against the
                our history
enial of health/ nutrients
                               felt                                                             / merest percentile being as
                               reversed              destruction of the earth

                                                               , impends, all fault sourced lapse
                                                                         lines abstraction to the £ contracts
                                                                                   & spews
                                                                                                narrative / recovery
                                                                               plane carved
                                                                                                   from possible living
                                                                         extricated from the future of
                                                                         us / closer daily
                                                                                                                          logging in hope
                                                                                        of addition / cost effect;
                                            « our possible beyond
                               « value's conceptions & births




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