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"Notes on Tauheed" is now available, for the small sum of £2, from The Arthur Shilling Press - click here.

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Notes on Tauheed: Appendix (i)

#1 & #2
Autumn. lock pick understanding.
New River Company. designed to please.
W.C., son of R.
eleven years later / on Christmas day
homage of Myddleton Avenue
opposites built circa. 1990; castleviewed
_____,at an angle of 120o to north-west corner
sunset always hits (road alignment). neck inclined.
Trees at night / in Ear Park
new desk(s) / Dane (of questionable significance)
TCR cocktail bar: 3 strikes in your new state.
last en booth, last time on the crescent.
omissions: __Sepp passed out on sofa, w/insistence
_____,_____,___ to play “bridge over troubled water”
_____,_____,calming effect in medically dramatic

#3 & #4
they are not just firepersons.
protest? 1984? 3am as he stepped off bus?
Tescing ~ no definition, Google: “did you mean testing?” [What ?]

#? & #5
flatmates/siblings. direct recorded reference. skygazing.
take train to coast. re-observed south-side.
fragmented construction: 6.30pm / 12noon / 4pm?ish
she plays the record. herself & corridor, asks about Shrigley
timeframe of ‘#5’ suggests ‘#?’ is placed correctly
_____(sorry Harry – epilogue/coda is a nice thought)

I. : “like, whenever I listen to … I think of [physical / mechanical / biochemical]”

#7, #8 & #9
“Solo Piano” & “Heavy Ghost” interspersed.
London Fog ~ a hot beverage consisting of steamed milk,
_____,____, vanilla syrup & Earl Grey
“vote BNP” graphitti’d on bus stop / election day
_____,____, first reappearance since autumn
Piccadilly line tales : ____post-what?
____like (androgynous) (female) verging on tears (last night)
____written between station <-> front door (late)

check age.
haven't ridden the 29 in months.
haven't played the LP in months.
someone finally let the place – The Laurel Tree
(was Becky’s dream, Sara’s, a second year dream)
balloons ____ Youtube ___, legacy
never left on Harrington Square.
greetings from Mornington Crescent.
the next station is _________ Mornington Crescent
____(the last syllables: rise-risen-plateau rise-drop)
line 13 : whilst snaking Euston Road, turning right onto Gower Street.
whilst exiting Warren Street / entering Centennial State [blizzard]
whilst exiting Euston underground, 3rd escalator, bright AM, [non-seasonal]
windswept across square, distribution nr pedestrian crossing [to Gordon Street]


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