further untitled fragment

Stumbling onto househeld comforts posted
by southern videographers
sculpt tapping to minor pleasant chaos,
intrigue siding application detailed within
glancing bliss fresh from potent youth. Nerve
tides delicate travel, offering instrumental sketches,
build tensile comfort
zonal & in parallel I approximately locked,
calming & televisual.

Their blurted fables, right? these
well-spaced interludes balance fascination
with disruptive discomfort, inducing cascades
in ethereal frames, appearing capital
& space, convect blank skies or
observe spiral fluorescence, I am scattered
to near harmonic sequences on sofas, word
in hand, questioning if thirty progressions
will quench, if a quart will perch upon you,
if either will stray from focused limbs
or through canting in float this narrative remains.


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