Flotation, 22° (iii)

iii, w/slight meandering)
See, this commandeered chrysalis
here among the rafters._cultivation
of our opportunist security tie bizarre
to vague balances __. alleviate soft collapse
& fasten woodland_lubricate optic,_tannoy
echo the second tonics_considerate slip

two holes ___ shiver forensics for forearm
elocution in obscure tepid languages
_& you have your own resolute windows
_fraying as decayed scotch prose
_by the half measure.
__________________gin carve heads
in escalation, we do render stray manifestations;

the piano in the bathtub.
wichita sutra vortex.
braid / voices / BMB.
magic doors.
herring bone.
saltwater tokyo_ orchard auburn childhood
_lovelier (repeat)__ house_heart_lungs.
CN_condos._laura’s interlude.
silence (c7)_mountain._a hudson cycle.


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