untitled fragment

this is very much from a work-in-progress longer poem, the first chunks of which Francis Kruk & yt communication are compiling with work from Harry Godwin, Michael Zand & Linus Slug.

* * * * *

Reach tendant kaleidoscope. Inert
pivot downtime for striplit escalation,
these greetings occur & adopt
global – timekept for social structure.
You, sweeping discomfort with
glances / expressive / (continuum
breaks to tone intensity)
clasp visual,
modernist lapse of shared passage
dances to tranquil spaces,
to gatherings, concluded
with customs of vague delight by disband.

Active insight, like chromographic runnings –
diethyl, handmade plates –
a soulsoaked synapse on behalf
of cyclic momenta, receptic heartstrung cadence
reason incident override by platform delving,
near seated sight dousing
& placid visual as I drop. A week
to crack on canvas – splint
nurse your tumble-dried sonata
if official declarations allowed
organelles, shatterproof, we’d walk, unabated
surveying intent through lone faculties


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