Calendar Mishap Semaphore

The guilt carriage situ.
Tapping ok without experience,
a plan, but... need.
I can show you but...
a BSc in ancient history
& effort
& age at which disappointments
duration is short-lived by lunch,
by fourteen a contingency
debating out development,
the movement school tour still
suggest another sort-of volunteer
outside "campus" lock community,
Queen's Park doesn't make it today
two faces without knowledge’s grey growth.

An icebreaker, stand, no, um, ums, or
end in debate. Emergence. Telephone
off oh. Pan vicinity barrister all on paper
eleven until forty-five at twelve,
any hand spanning utility until we move roads.

Yesterday afternoon diminishing precedence
a setting a half a face of a student
a harrowing modern metropolitan hunt
on the 29, not
the boy who would be,
crises culture developing the knife,
apparently un-cancelled if she knows
if she calls back
Clau-myself & cracking persuasive sale.

He was in distance,
he was already toured
wait on first intro-game applause,
a smoking action sketched, a musical
numbered quitting session peripherals,
bare-footed residence confusion Evan -
the conversing lack of idea, at Britannia Junction
d. d. nomination hopefully timescales,
I would be I know what immediacy workshop
dual point nine seconds, now
mind occupied from overhearing the commensurate
of something to sign off ok.

A feeling a carpet sex
softness stills utterly sublime,
blowing out of dog water
battleship view restricted applause.


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