Barricades (#4)

Back in April, I was writing a sequence of poems called Barricades. I think I only wrote five, three of which aren't very good. I don't really know what will become of the sequence - the idea behind it is something I was throwing around heavily at the start of the year, though it has had some rest since. Below is #4 from the sequence...

* * * * *
Sing until throat
dry-hanging silence
stupidstupid misguise.
Tarnish day not of Charles
wrote through Sundays
archosauromorpha fatalities, automotive pilots
& homosapien like you.

Digestive deterrence blamed (culture) this
operator suggests curtailing, you clear
up without returning, you space
your shared personal publicity,
not or not fastened
optional. Faculties presenting –
the laughing sanity ableist
& laughing? Like carefree
having re-pieced my vase? Acronym.
Look nothing lakes
timekeeping, fucked at sunset
a boy cruises components
hands together
pesticide expiry
return ticket offered.


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