Strike Poem

                          learning as usual no longer

                          , ruptures provision

     : once again

     thrown the fiction trading futures on our ages, wreck

     of welfare recent to bodies

                                                , a collective articulation of what is,

                          may be & will

                          not be known,,

having accepted the position in august, she has been employed since january and is yet to receive a contract

                                                 official service in a cancelled

                                                 progression, revokes the easy

                                                 multiculture, revokes the open


     where we rotten scholars,,

     courses & decades cancelled, fled interlocutors in order to survive the

     method or their contractual obligations to impart.

given that HR are yet to issue the contract, she is working to contract i.e. _______

     in yur abolition & theft of what

     would nurture

     , we refuse demands on your terms of comprehension:

     banish your model extracting wealth from the lesson & learner; we

     apprehend the violence to which your knowledge has worked :

                          a poetics in theft, created,

                          appropriated the ground of the idea over its life-

                          blood, extracted, under-

                                         cut knowing as Other how &

                                         what we lived, a robe & tape &

                                         the confidence, in our hunger

                          we bitches disappeared.

<< here in lies : a fixed term, four month contract; here in lies the wealth of the university; here on whose land lies john alexander mcdonald >>

                                                 [ by which armed cops tread
                                                adieu / do you hear elizabeth
                                                windsor laugh // who he sent to eye you
                                                , active / fear insufficient paragraphs / reflex
                                                & substance evaporates
                                                in each particular email / conserve
                                                & administer / the proud, the
                                                brave, the bourgeois

                          << your new favourite teacher will disappear >>

               in this redirection of words, methods,
               y/our skilling in the mind //
               slept debt hours ungrounded, couldn’t
               squat where you wanted to
                                                          gaze / cognize & act, we
              paying guests & seasonal hands here
                                                          , postponed spring / tallys
                                                          the crowd on the tier
                                                          for the border force / & call it a right.
                          these numbers & wages do not work for us :
                          we will not work for these futures & wages ;;

[Paris/Edinburgh, 26-27.ii.2018]



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