tory nation heresy ad palate

after Peter Manson

pry me
rime sinist there
tear here
res et sa
may bank
reat lease
con day urk
ban king
in tut
ye bank ral
spurt lord king first
chair fed
serve under carter and reagan, what quale-bank
myst you, governor,
imp rove re
forms of eng
fining der
a well-lag
late market.

re ark ket con o
my, per rating undulations, is the
reatest age // evict
vile hum gresse
gravel court
night cleaves scum / lover
consumptive charges
mute rip leer
values goth
eve glen erects chivalrous romp
severe prole mulch
glum hell / conservator
grieves malevolence crop hurt
s scotch glee super
hurl spec revives conglomerate
leech scorn purgative elm overs
avert decree

. pact sacrifices
ordinary work
lose people
lose faith
lose free market capitalism
lose no my eco
not irk gown
as hould convey, our
eyesore in it
unrepresentable doss
ho hum componentwise rule
erode / debased
sade soberer dented
deeds a
debtors eden

but as we do so, we should never forget
the immense value and potential of an open,
fervent aim, revoke
naïve faint term atom mockery
with the disheartening lag / slur rout
when countries terminators make kitchenettes
inflict poor-pot meeker ease, the same things
mortality increases / expectancy falls
absolute poverty grows, disposable / income shrinks
access to education plummets, rates of illiteracy widen
part ici nullification plea, and more people
counteract bitch one

it is in open, free market economies latch coin hurt breaks are made
overdraft rims poem and lives
                                                 / it is in open, free
market economies bled professional / dreamers’ net

meaty crook men free / unordered nauseas
run till, is the covalent racist
fleet of dogmas, revenue, retch
new stag-
nation without dark / the
frighten hot-gloat in essence, consists

of an open law, with tonal falsehoods, masquerading  
automatically caged government, taxing
evict public vices
freely available to all citizens, according to need.

that is unquestionably the best, and indeed the only sustainable, means of deceasing
everyone in a country, and we should
never forget that defacing the living standards
and nitroglycerine the ordinary working people
of all economic polemic cop plot
helping each britrut
to long, fuller, more secure
than the one which left before no
tract rine or ideo-
logical contempt – but
throttle, profit & banish


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