[revolutions on queen street]/[styrd manig nines]

[revolutions on queen street]
[stryd manig nines]

                                                we’re a
            mess of eyeliner / chic dole lips
            / for real ,& spray paint
            at seventeen:

                adore.   your.   failure.

            in our future bores sunshine, gonna
            burn the claustro-
                you will hear

            this is a message from occupied england
            , such deep & sucked corporate slums
            :: forecast / soothe, our

                              strychnine flag scum barc
                  , poems on credit      / injection –lays

            heritage a corpse: drill lessons so/
            beautiful in sani-
                    ``, condemned / masochist
                                    –– with you i skin sinners

believe. // first world boredom, instantly
drain coke/exxon[:] let the spill gorge
-ous – donald’s famine / more real in mc
that will bring out freedom to life
                                                    , worms
                     . underneath skies dying
      beautiful europe / empty, blue:: is
      by our dreams baby,, pretty in eye-
      liner, broken in security,
      : fall to the floor / I no longer  

in debris / live, we
strung out sluts want our
own //

            every house in the quiet
rot has a conscience , delicate pieces
of scream

                                 // write
this alone : every dayspit
feels a corridor / fashion’d
glitter in feeling well

            see liberals pale
                                    , sanctify
            are an extinction / is
            known a relic
                                 all promise––
                 shareholding a piece of this
                 applause, icon, postcards, oil
                 -on-canvas, countryfucking / give

                                               a shit / vote
            conservative / straight
            imitation dignity,, tragic
                                                 mouths open –

            schooled against the soul
            dismay / feels an o.b.e.
            sells at market

                                   / patronise
            against the soul ,  close
            the pits, misery tours my

                                // anxiety frag
            -ments your landscape, sleepwrite
            this alone if its
            real against the soul

            repent .  find refuge .  grey
            not neon, grey not real /:
            loose home, maggots scream/er
            response / flesh
                                     disappears ––

            mistook flowers for union jack &
            spat,, trace creation. police vic-
            tory is / bows down to surrogate
            ; now tell the difference/ before
            lawyers :
                          starve like everybody else

            loser .  liar .  comes to court
            recreation for blank stars // too
            much white in the stars & , tie
            him   naked & stern & merciless

                                            #] as weeds is
                                    false oxford st. bull
                                    -fight/ a week later    no
                                    one cares // your love
                                    -ly effigy / tongue sold

            everyone is guilty .  pure
            or pendulum spec
                                        -tat/or fragments
                                        & bigots lovely ––

            democratic abyss / caress(es)
            moral odour fine colt equal
            : abuse dignified// in come midges
            reagan, stalin, thatcher, napoleon,
                 khrushchev, hitler, mussolini, churchill, chamberlain
            && designer coffee lears, I
            can’t remember the first line


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