from '£/€xtinctions'

‘€ (draft)'

"Mankind has obviously reached the end of something. The crisis is absolute."
- C. L. R James

                                         morning / proselytise tragedy
, helicopters & border patrols /
                                                                                     crumbling acres, enforcement
                                                                                     newsbait & sympathy [[  tuning
                                                                                     fork for national psyches, the arbiter

                                                                                     of action is the violator
                                                                                     // orchestrates criminal, good
                                                                 barbed calais
                                                 barbed marsham street
                                                                           fictions future divisions of labour
                                                                           detention & the law, future war &
                                                                           stablisations, future citizens abide
                            official divisions & affects, you
                            powerless & democratic :: rings
                            capital parliament to bae
                                                                  to drones to lands unlike / white labour pyramid
                                                                  & their need for the movement of our migrated limbs

                                                         the negation of england as island
                                                         , colonial geography in-itself #
                                                                                  ocean as fiction, litter
                                                                        & rigs,
                                                                                  fearstats, tear gas strung rail
                                                                                  -lines, surround’d england,

                                // threat level remains severe :: the ocean
                                , the desert
                                                 terrors: neo
                                                 fract retaliate
                                                                     threading / episteme the
                                                                     fundamental unknowable, new
                                     dronestrikes & oils ,
                                     necrocommon & exports
                                     militarised, breed’d
                                     wealth & destructN \\ keep the object-human
                                                                        fleeing out
                                                 of nations, hunger, repeat orders, strike
                                                 derelict, extinctions built for this world


                                       mourner’s europe

                                                               would flee its republics, totalities
                                                               , police fixtures & armament norms
                                                                                        & guards precarious,
                                                                                        howls hours & raids,

         for your protection
]] cultural decades
         assimilar like muslim like radcliffe lines / infrastruct
                                              division mutually breeched,

                                                                                             ../ secures mythic free
                                                                                             / alertsong in
                                                                                             print / neofash europe
                                                clearings /
                           enlightened a
                                                subject in which we
                         could not exist

                                                , bonds owed
                                                                     / alarmphones,, swallows med.


                                                                                             of future workforces
                                                                                             future stoppage & revolt, the  
                           knowledge & memory of failures historical
                           in the consciousness of seeking refuge


paint stain / trace scissorcut
                      black on fabric black fridays optical

                                                                             walk w/ wirecutters
                                                                             for composition / survive
                                       read :: the sea as deletion
                                                                             of the fortress that it
                                                                             washes against. national
                                                                             fantasy border / force [[

                                     temp news gallery , prime
                                     drone kiss
                                                     ~ erode dover chalk

                                                               the erection of steel they
                                                               believe can remain stable
                                                               against the necessities of movement.

                           urban gulls, friends yur
                           & scavengers
                                                / owners europe
                                                will miss us.

                                                               feed your concept nation
                                                               / shred office/r , as
                                                               donations matched by corps

                                                      chills  « rivercurve
                                                      of the neighbourhood after
                                                      bred ships {# then lux
                                                      to financial
                                                                        » mort wharf adjunct 'cross water

                threaded glass by vine &
                crash & decimate
                                               , the landgrass raising over dockyard & head,
                                               where materiality failed
                process rendered back into soil,
                                               brief trees, carbons & nitrates, keep
                                               the mist & the peace of it, the
                                                                                             sediment of all
                                                                                             hands & wood
                                                                                             & steel & the
                                                                                             girders history
                                                                     's fabric in flesh
                                                                     plunder & modern / atrocity / glass trash.

                                  by the mud, green landroll [& our
                                  suitcase held vivid;

                                               hygiene ecological. / thamesfog the city delete



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