(poem announcing the end of england)

                           on the occasion of sick order & separation
                                                                                                , papers
                                      rabid w/ future according to corp.:
                                 stultified peoples known as the english
                                 , epidemics of national conservatism
                                 , freetrade publics &
                                                      service / borders wretched keep
                                                      calm & carry ←colonial ghost ;;
                                 our sickness , downriver sold & quantified to
                                                                        the TTIP.  in 2015 \
                                                                        with all ships &
                                                                                                 symbols of order
                                             charred, vendettas of the middle
                    ages, tearing the
                    brick / reign barricades
                                                          westminster, of monuments demolished,
                                                          speech signatures & corpse tories, fascists
                                                          & centrist tendencies: we /
                                                          to hail the end of official history. in waking
                      / destruct semblance of the democratic,
                      the extractions from our bones pronounced as the new week, positive
                                                          witness \ stupor & individual interest,
                                                          home owned & other aspirations//
                                                                        a comedy of damnation
                                                                        & erasure of the countryside
                                        :: we none will be saved by weathering & climate's end

[september 2014]


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