from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                                          pulled from
                   ease (( slumber
                   red in eyes &
                                       rubbish of workdreams, new
                   cross road sirens unmarked, GEO vans & sun
                                smogthroat waft, the years less
                   desperate only through the replacement of people
                                class glean slight on
                                53% salary toward at home / begun
                                / felt in our sickness
recognition / dismayed

                                                                        in september heat the
                                                                        gravity on bodies misspelling
                                          bored orders of day / atms [atmospheres] casual
                                          normativity reified to the end of the new world
                                          order «all gather round to hear your side
                                          of things
as our action torch against gaslit languages,
                                          memories, as precarity invests
                                                      in the reciprocal of archives our guts,
                                                      nerves, health, abstraction & belonging
                                                      the erasure of days,, sorry we are so nice to
do not
                                                      the global blood of liberalism // tsunami
                                                                          for offices, parliamentary &
                                                      luxury to be erected on the old kent road
                                                                          ¿¿what are you afraid of


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