the modern legal system is not for saving you

in absolute solidarity w/ CeCe McDonald

                                    limit for static
                                                               change in assignment,
                                                               registered to throes of bureaucracy: that
                    protected characteristics
                                                               cf. status quo conservational society inc.,
                                                               newsprint mythology
                                                               where privilege of a/recognisable common sex is
                                                                  unrecognised as privilege.
                                                                                                                 whose being
                                                                  does legislation represent?

                                                       whose disclosure to
                                                                                          the bounds
                                                       white classed liberalism,
                                                                               the false grails of the free in ties
                                                                               & employment, beside the colour of the
                                                                                  same in employment
                                                       difference slated to 'the same as but',
                                                       with fear or something---; reproducing
                                                       the scene of happily //-til she
                                                                              blood cut a fascist with
  her labour tools,
                                                       state oriented against intervention, of the necessity
                                                       to exist still in the AM,// ‘cept intervention
                                                                                                     the sanction
                                                                                                                          of good
                                               / of socially-necessary incarcerated/ dear
                                               CeCe speak / feeling beside the 'can'
                                               / not by list of our
                                                                               trans* collective global loss / break
                                                                               the pillars / amnesiac /
                                                                               burying the ribbon & its referents
                                                                              / deviance struck off the // official
                                                                              history of civil rights according us freed
                                                                              compelled through the prohibition


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