poem from 'radio / & the threat of origin'

[poem. in absolute solidarity the Southall Black Sisters demonstration against the UKBA, 24.10.13] 

                        smiles electronics for the border
                                                                         force great walls of dover,
                                                                         heathrow & stansted, tax animate
                                              xenophobe in the
                                                                         private security form / detention
                  theresa may neocolonial marionette,

                                                                          apourosity of borders for labour / blood
                                                                          phantasm that the human denied to follow / the
                                                                          regulation of the senses as collateral to capital
                                                                          deregulation, the administration : illegal
                                                                          mobilisations against ‘illegal’ bodies, perpetual
                                                                          dream realised in kettled touch, the common
                                                                          in action ukba –which has been abolished–
                                                                                                    & golden dawn / bombed out
                                                                          HQ / vomit national front sloganeering / tell
                                                                          them you do not want to talk to / no
                                                                          answers a wall of resistance
necessities of
                                                                          contemporary everydays / scab
                                                                          reports new asian family in street [1986 cf.]
                                                         // landlords of soho &
                                peckham , absent birdsong by traffic smog AM
                                new cross road  ,  alarm/ing peace / walworth
                                feelings on the street today ⌐ the
                                heirs of london & windsor, the people's
                                republic of south london, district insurrections
                                & dreams / to which we might migrate––––

                                        cf. crumbled wage half-life / experimental employment, standards
                                        of living instants taking selves -blank- ‘cross waterloo
                                        westminster bridges & home, arms giving in rooms inefficient
                                        in poems written as labour theft / the
                                        being of government, consciousness &
                                                                                                    will financial,
                                        borders closure raised trafficking, the will of
                                        human subjects global attempts at survival
                                        social determinates / imf wuz here / the emptying intellectual
                                        blinkered facing appearance justifying the austere,, & i
                                        homewards from supermarket / sustenance seek the
                                        helicopter looking up bourgeois st. new cross a dog
                                        dragging teeth out of a black 'suspect'
                                                                                                  arm spurred by met dozen
                                        monday PM we
                                                                 listen to the property screaming & you            
                                        are outside the jean charles de menzies memorial, stockwell &
                                        texting sad
                                                         & I hear the face of david cameron he is a two-tone
                                        house alarm it is autumn & warm the seasons deranged, the names of
                                        future bourgeoisie, the cries & calming of royal children,
                                        steps in a capital tourism to derelict / modern rot,
                                                                    source-funds ‘art
                                                                                              means business solutions’
                                                                    the years since artists thought/had
                                                                                              to burn down the city //


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