Wednesday, 21 March 2012

new polemic in two parts /(ii)

ii) to Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk

_______lyric moves bare to decolonise tone-
_______of-speech productivity, nuance risked
____________________________________ in mechanical terms. sky's
_______clime today a struggle from all view points of central /
_______south axis of the capital, territorial of 33-year oppression near-choked
_____________of radical life // dear Sean & Frances, comms methods
_____________on unconscious surfaces interpreted incorrect, via
_____________repetition of faux temporal absolutes when transportation
_____________links are severed / at capacity //
_____________by thames edge where the world of signs
_____________emits resonant humming from announcement
_____________sound canons / delirious americium
_____________/ markets of contemporary rationality, accumulations of its
_____________own projections / receipts as economic mythology beside
_____________winters post-mortem I
______________________________ am meaning to ask how a radical political
________________aesthetic can move beyond anger when entrenched in the
________________imaged nostalgia that is this present, elucidation is
________________beginning: rupture historic of mediocre repetitions–

______________________________reverse current to poverty’s normalization
______________________________we “surplus population”
______________________________oxygen the remaining untaxed
_______// half left on the underground into brixton w/ permanent
_______distractions fixated into ear canal, & bourgeois physicality
_______is not universal our class groupings are revocable
_______on their terms behavioural evidence / by symbolic arrests
_______attempts at silencing reported in dominant outlets the private democratic;

_______defaulted as threat, in the six days since this poem was written more
_______vital supports have been expropriated from the mausoleum of the state
_______/ endless acts of social violence ///
__________________in recording all tracers for echoes or nodes
__________________to redeploy in fallout, dreamt representations
__________________of political present ‘handbag’ gestalt
__________________her artefact magnetosphere / capital imaginary
__________________suspension of all future eras: there is no choice
__________________lobotomy of disintegrate total or insurrection

Thursday, 15 March 2012

new polemic in two parts /(i)

i) dedicated to Agnes Torres, from London
______________________________________________________subjecting flesh the
____________closest element to an actuality of possession & tenuous
____________logically to found autonomy; hectored quotidian
_________________________________________________complicit editions multiple
_________________________________________________litter / pacify early
_________________________________________________mental activity note
______reduction in / loss of concentration
________________________________ _headaches, blurring
_________________________________________________middle distance
_________________________________________________body closest to ownership
_________________________________________________slip hours all cases of
______ideo- span uniformed in the take had of our others, discursive
______image dominant reign secrete prod.-romance / baton / duct tape
______black mouth or
__________________populus rag hotline attempts to assume
__________________queer bodies into public interest the
______societies named as england / contain no national interest: any possible conjunction
______of these words is a lie / empirically corpsing a singularly imaginary
______/ iain duncan smith is a hate crime it takes a nation of liberals
_________to hold us back, & //

________________– sing, sing sing autonomy for all including the children –
________________arm about coat your
________________________________central eastbound / traverses prime
________________meridian its present particular we itch toward spring
________________wake to thaw other in mass transit verberate expense
________________bares class aggravate, they
____________________________________ apologise for delays
____________________________________ posited individualist

________________curve limbs this qualitative physical simmering
________________into hectored public counter-statement
____________________________________________ __‘arrested in
________________st petersburg for this! lovers or dollar-print rainbow flag
________________mutual cheek drawn across
_____________________________________now, cities senseless collectivity beau &
________________fine by the heavier particulate:
________________________________________denotes seasons transition
________________________________________will falter w/ the 97% humidity
________________take eyes to it the air quality
________________situate breathing wrapped on trees sun-thrown
___________________________________________________ _turn caresses out
________________frict the aural detritus rehashed

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

radical hectoring live

On Friday night the CAMBRIDGE UNION will play host to celebrity sex abuser and internationally renowned MISOGYNIST: Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Following a march & protest on the event, there will be an event that defies DSK's attempt to undermine and silence the voices of women who protest at the gross ABUSE OF POWER by men such as he. The following radical feminist [the good kind of rad fems, ie. not transphobes] poets will be reading: Marianne Morris / Laura Kilbride / Francesca Lisette / Reitha Patterson / & myself. Work by Lisa Robertson will also be performed.

9pm, Central Cambridge venue TBA. The event will also act as a fundraiser for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.


The Dismantled Cabaret
Saturday 17th March, 8pm, Free Entry

an evening of poetry, music and performance
Benjamin Sebastian (performance)
Iris Garrelfs (laptop voice manipulations)
Xiipal Lapiix (performance)
Sophie Robinson (poetry)
Jessica Hirst (performance)
Nat Raha (poetry)
George Mackenzie (electronica)
Elizabeth Guthrie (poetry)
Zac Gvi (wind instruments & musique concrète)

& others & others & others & others & others
will be involved in a large group performance

]performance s p a c e [
6 Hamlet Industrial Estate
White Post Lane
E9 5EN

Overground: Hackney Wick