new polemic in two parts /(ii)

ii) to Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk

_______lyric moves bare to decolonise tone-
_______of-speech productivity, nuance risked
____________________________________ in mechanical terms. sky's
_______clime today a struggle from all view points of central /
_______south axis of the capital, territorial of 33-year oppression near-choked
_____________of radical life // dear Sean & Frances, comms methods
_____________on unconscious surfaces interpreted incorrect, via
_____________repetition of faux temporal absolutes when transportation
_____________links are severed / at capacity //
_____________by thames edge where the world of signs
_____________emits resonant humming from announcement
_____________sound canons / delirious americium
_____________/ markets of contemporary rationality, accumulations of its
_____________own projections / receipts as economic mythology beside
_____________winters post-mortem I
______________________________ am meaning to ask how a radical political
________________aesthetic can move beyond anger when entrenched in the
________________imaged nostalgia that is this present, elucidation is
________________beginning: rupture historic of mediocre repetitions–

______________________________reverse current to poverty’s normalization
______________________________we “surplus population”
______________________________oxygen the remaining untaxed
_______// half left on the underground into brixton w/ permanent
_______distractions fixated into ear canal, & bourgeois physicality
_______is not universal our class groupings are revocable
_______on their terms behavioural evidence / by symbolic arrests
_______attempts at silencing reported in dominant outlets the private democratic;

_______defaulted as threat, in the six days since this poem was written more
_______vital supports have been expropriated from the mausoleum of the state
_______/ endless acts of social violence ///
__________________in recording all tracers for echoes or nodes
__________________to redeploy in fallout, dreamt representations
__________________of political present ‘handbag’ gestalt
__________________her artefact magnetosphere / capital imaginary
__________________suspension of all future eras: there is no choice
__________________lobotomy of disintegrate total or insurrection


  1. or insurrection

    this work begat
    this work begat
    this work begat
    this work begat
    a heckler and koch
    with a sawn off barrel

    we wrote
    a pretty poem with it

  2. the last thing to do is despair - then they really have won

  3. after posting this I left my flat and rode the victoria line north. disembarked at kings cross, glasses on, euston road exit. there was a single police officer dressed in a machine gun that matched his uniform. he was smiling and having a chat to a man in civilian clothes. if 'despair' see ', alleviations of'; re: your poem, re: "lived poetry".


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