new polemic in two parts /(i)

i) dedicated to Agnes Torres, from London
______________________________________________________subjecting flesh the
____________closest element to an actuality of possession & tenuous
____________logically to found autonomy; hectored quotidian
_________________________________________________complicit editions multiple
_________________________________________________litter / pacify early
_________________________________________________mental activity note
______reduction in / loss of concentration
________________________________ _headaches, blurring
_________________________________________________middle distance
_________________________________________________body closest to ownership
_________________________________________________slip hours all cases of
______ideo- span uniformed in the take had of our others, discursive
______image dominant reign secrete prod.-romance / baton / duct tape
______black mouth or
__________________populus rag hotline attempts to assume
__________________queer bodies into public interest the
______societies named as england / contain no national interest: any possible conjunction
______of these words is a lie / empirically corpsing a singularly imaginary
______/ iain duncan smith is a hate crime it takes a nation of liberals
_________to hold us back, & //

________________– sing, sing sing autonomy for all including the children –
________________arm about coat your
________________________________central eastbound / traverses prime
________________meridian its present particular we itch toward spring
________________wake to thaw other in mass transit verberate expense
________________bares class aggravate, they
____________________________________ apologise for delays
____________________________________ posited individualist

________________curve limbs this qualitative physical simmering
________________into hectored public counter-statement
____________________________________________ __‘arrested in
________________st petersburg for this! lovers or dollar-print rainbow flag
________________mutual cheek drawn across
_____________________________________now, cities senseless collectivity beau &
________________fine by the heavier particulate:
________________________________________denotes seasons transition
________________________________________will falter w/ the 97% humidity
________________take eyes to it the air quality
________________situate breathing wrapped on trees sun-thrown
___________________________________________________ _turn caresses out
________________frict the aural detritus rehashed


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