news (belated)

Last month saw the publication of VierSomes #000 & #001, two quartets of work from"younger innovative writers" by Veer Books, namely Danny Hayward, slmendoza, Edmund Hardy, Sam Solomon (000, ed. Stephen Mooney) & Becky Cremin, Amy Evans, Francis Kruk & myself (001, ed. Ulli Freer). They're both weighty & of various densities, & should be available here.
My work included is a short set of political texts - 'polemics for loudhailer', written between May 2011 - March 2012, and involves a partly-livestreamed, partly-Whitmanic, partly-utopian-queer-critique & partly-kettled long poem.

Bits of work have also been appearing in various magazines: namely Angel Exhaust #22: The Romance of Insects, & Half Circle 4, both perfectly-bound and rather ace. More things and static to follow...


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