from a work in progress

________________________morning: fictitious modernity in london, the papers
________________________daily a series of violences to individual thinking only
________________________of arranged selves / a false tone-sociality
________________________to be conquered by columba livia
________________________late phase reification of the physical , for sport
________________________see liberty plaza post-economic or hackney our
________________________independent state , music rectified in the possible
________________________to clutch & sustain whilst
__________________________________________ andrew lansley hung
__________________________________________ no longer preventative.

____________________ in london / saturated symbolic our
______cutthroat affect dispels meaningless ideals
______of daybreak , echoes the specificity
______your handsomer motion we half mask to allure it
______resisting our supposed violations mayor bloomberg
______bestows, his bullhorn disrupts to aggravate /
____________________to deveil him to the 99 percent
______to the gloss’d violence of manhatten ahistorical
____________________how we adore in & by it,
____________________unknown unknowns
___________________________________to amorphic architecturals
___________________________________economic fault lines spewing //
____________________debt ceiling charred former
____________________fortunes littering sidewalk alike the
____________________handcuffs to lush unwashed revolutionary / troy
____________________davis / the 99 percent.

________________________________________meanwhile evening
____________________the victoria line idiocy breeds through newsprint dullening
____________________eyes pairs sore each sorrow gilded spectacular, darling
_______________________________ please recycle its dustjacket sensual
_______________________________ I would like to stroke your hurricane limbs.



  1. thanks Jimmy, its part of a longer thing that seemed to find direction through this. still in progress xx


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