tfl emission advertisement::_____it is green
__________________________________ / cartoonlike in london, vans
__________________________ round & primary not to
__________________________ abet pave users the west-centre
__________________________ safe / freer it’s
__________________________________ opposing radius coloured haemoglobin, conjunct
__________________________ timeless &
__________________________________ wreckingball it’s devils
__________________________ still wait the bus / choke hazard like
__________________________ nauseating all automobiles, the children learn v.a.t.
__________________________ practise transit the
_________________________________________filth in our orifices
__________________________ the architecture coal-face semblance
_______________________________________________________cover your
__________________________ gasmasks sq. bench let noses evolve
__________________________ & live short just cars / cars / the markets
__________________________ cannot know us by these soot-visage all’s pleasant
__________________________ w/ emission
____________________________________mare st. against pedestrians
__________________________ left to bystand by mech-bridle this
_____________________________________________________the new representation


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