“Something ... toward the lie ... body, placing ... conceptual fetter” was nutshell, whirls hedonistic as circular thought, focal at its tip. These were some uncoverings between utopian gasps although to claim something transferable perhaps was a little far, short crop fluctuated status leading to our realization & embarking away from presuppositions we’d held, although... no, not more provocative to those who’d borne & nurtured. You’d think sitting shoal’d be the collective erasure of all the potential bullshit that springs reactionary – that’d possibly be enacting naivety under the joyous engendering rays we enthalpicly drew into the furthering. I detract – the departure critically stepped : fertility : reconfigured to be constructive, fear was at the piano recomposing Schoenberg, dischord required to unset & to fear alternate was also stepping / outmoding. Then perception, indoctrinated in situ; volatility towards all constants (_________ _______) we slowly sheered with every potential clasp, fluidity as standardization.


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