truncate / pact

permutate hieroglyph, cobwebbed edging doorlock
in disproved boxvoice, emit privilege heel _ resonant
down-hand & guard from external horse-calm exhaled,
as a gambler projecting rouge & curled décor
by poker, here is exit.

______________________ sip this incandescence
she delivers at eyelevel, run-in w/ dust track
shedding a passage represented as a princelet
dwelling._____ we ride, stoked maternal troves
__inducted behind humour - counterpressing
__portraiture of gaseous house-craft.

______________________ warming essence, prior
visual as fruition misscripts your purring,
agreeable to plant new lexicons,
__submerging stigma
______________________ w/ gleamed undergrowth.
have yourself
__transcend mundaneity / chien noir shut out /
lapping like our phantasmic estuarial
sight, wetlands w/ freeze canopies, this necessary
reduction shoots & skyscrapes _ coming into ride.

______________________ curtain call removal:
stripped shoulders resemble bibulous birdcalls,
decoaming. This gestures preferment
consumes nirvanal nightcapped
_____________ _______ lips elliptic
_______________ __________ riven eludal.


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