from £/€xtinctions

                                                                                        class war machinations
                                                                                        :: leverage our quantified
                              status & nationhoods, stats deserving
                              & productivity,, our very fabric of means /
                              vital sustenance / processed healths & abilities
                                                      , wavebreaks through caring, governance
                                                      anxiously lived, private, the
                                                      site of all character assassinations & appeals
                                                      , our bureaucratic worth;;

                     reacts spirit tends injection drill
                     flesh pierce to cuff / removal
                     , violations procedural revenues
                                                                      , captures airborne / meteorological [%] an
                                 election to be waged on
                                                      / centrigual statistics,, geographies of removals &
                                                      repossession orders,, human shreds & divisions
                                 , forecast [::] winters / contractions, decomposed wages,
                                 provincial england, forecast [\
                                 theresa's bitterest hands

                                                                 a global history of movements
                                                                 , growth lies, bitter
                                                                 invasive uk, blood
                                                                 types & genomes,
                                                                 crashed electoral futures
                                                                 / insolvent cities & admini-
                                                                 strations, our possible urbanity
                                               ; against england :: centuries revolt
                                               common / deletions of wealth,
                                               airspace shutdowns &
                                               detentions,, a tendency towards
                                               the abolition of england
                                               its primal violent loves.


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