[from an untitled sequence]

                                escalate [£¤fibres shook toned in
                                               -auguration of decimate
                                                                                    future nightmares for the poor
                                                                                    : of the form blasted / fracture
                                                                                    physicality fishhooked work/
                                                                                    day & its
                                                                                    opposite, grip muscular / teeth
                                                                                    tearing into heads, bleach
                                                   our governing suitors
                                                   executions & their savaging commonplace /
                                                   sick in the daily dreamt &
                                                                                           organised deletion
                                                in swing / thought infect &
                                                          rose each image child
                                                   general purged  §∆ consciousness,,
                                                   all rhetoric / outrage will be eclipsed
                                                   by the immediacy of five years sociomaterial violence
                                 [¿ react acid of black blood
                                                                           & bones private diets
                                 taxcuff bedrooms securitised
                                 / percentile market untapped

                                                          all future chasms &
                                                                                        scripture (( the
                                                          tower of london / archaic
                                                          corpse automation / office sense
                                                          re-enactments for the present
                                                          \\ of our extrication, street & future fetters
                                                                                        / alchemic bliss out futures trade
                                                                                        based for skin sung as liberal no
                                                                                        life or starve opt

                            // our idea of possibility negative until
                            its encounter & latency extended to
                            every hour housed slumish
             in the gut
                            of hunger & desperation ,,

                                                                       throatfumes advocate
                                                                       of the epoch
                                                                       warfare &
                                                                       street cleansing
                                       // set our rentscares
                                       & every figuration of barricades \
                                                                                            frackture debt claim the
                                                                                            setting of clocks naming
                                                                                            each day & night
                                                                                            aspects \\ bx14 ldn screaming
                                       6.31pm craned babylon glistening
                                       corpse & working week glassed
                                                                                        life chute
                                       dreaming us deadwork or flayed
                                                                                         , disinvested what they
                                                                                   repeat commissions &
                                                                                   circuits, newsprint, executioners, riot vans
                                                                                   , absolute heist
                                                                                  [may 2015]


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