Wednesday, 24 December 2014

from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                                                                        our dreaming // monopoly
                                                                        corners of the city profit
                                                                                    legal labour ‘straint
                                                           to death \ sings
                                sings the violent sector, overseers
                                                      of the poor \ sings
                                                                        the negative consciousness : question
                                                                        of the capital fetish i was posing
                                                                                                                           ][  its digital
                                                                        faces / live money growing by money / canary
                                                                                    wharf emanate \ flow fire
                                           [•] its none answer
                                                                        derelict language way of/& things
                                                            & strain
                                                            graze blood [•] rationale that all must be held
                                           & made & sold
                                                                   & made & sold & again & keep the
                                                                   money breeding
                                                                                            poverty breeds
                                                                   territory breeding dead viral in our arms
                             & guts & accounts the brightest
                             glass & veins reflex its
                                                                possessive relentless
                             & apparition the rebirth of its cosmos /;;
                                                                      [[ they claim to the law that such
                                                                      secure \ asphyxia \ stress to
                                                                                       forcebrand omissive their
                                                                      utterances hold from
                                                                                                      slaughter judge expend 
                                                                      every minority imagined in the corp-mind exit
                                                                                       duty as flight dead hammerwhite
                [x] chorus hysterical & building
                                                                ,,, our hysterical
                pleasure collapse of values,, roads
                                            ancient to the sense gathering
                                            condensed images digital
                                            currency shut down wretch
                vacancies in the praxis of the city / trade
                          rein stricture :: we sung the
                                            violence of their laws & slaughters in
                                            mourning all organs we occupied ::
                                            abolition of our fears
                                                                & its injection into shares of the ftse 100

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                   our archives of health, abstraction
                   & belonging / precarity, sirens
                   of work & body & home
                                                          // consider the boss as virus attached
                                                          tissue / muscle, our agony
                                                                                                   growth of the
                                                 city, sprouts & off ‘natural’ until
                                                 collapse, where we
                                                                              organs hollow left
                                                            heat w/out clambering
                                                            ingredients f’ each hour had
                           built 2008 2001 1993
                                                            1986 1973 1929 1907
                           1901 1896-73 1866
                                                        1847 1837 1825 1819
                                                            1796 1772 1720 ,, ventriloquist towns
                                                            of our births, of death finance personified
                                                     , extract suffer
                                                                           /ance & life support / premium
                                                            foodbanks & detentions, border strictures &
                                                            hang of “the law private &
                                                                                                     up close / I
                                                            wanted to […] be a joke”, cracked
                                                            fetish : canary wharf

from '[of sirens / body & faultines]'

                                   that fear bred by law & capital newsprint
                                                     frays nerve only in our cellular /*
                                                                       taken daily to pave / ages
                                   to the bullet for any black person :
                                                               state sanctioned & de
                                         -livered as just /
                                                                  sphere of such notions dispossessing
                                                               ;; rational w/ the cuff-threat to our friends _:

                          of officer cognitions :: that this death
                          does not exist in our borders /,, elevations
                                                of possible violence
                                                                               w/in the solidarity & not
                                                                               baton & cell,, that the mass
                                                                               arrest here is not for profiles
                                                                  racialised w/ white cop
                                                                                                      minority against
                                           brown & black youth our ‘breathe’
                                           inflect resounds fierce, feminine /  
                          that the guilty particular remains determinate
                          negation of cognitive blood of the british state since 2001
                                                            , 1981, 1757, 1562 tends our separations by culture, by the
                                                                                        knife at skin

                                       // what momentary we crashed
                                       still regent & oxford sts brooklyn
                                       bridge FDR drive route 580 the
                                       flaming economy of ferguson ;; as our ‘don’t
                               shoot’ & bodies
                                                       break the / whitehall fear charge of riot vans

                                                                                                                            [december 2014]