(london will die)

                          as all we ever bought here w/
                          suffering & condemnation,
                                                                    , by the basis
                                                                    disinvested in lives & the
                                                                    workings of the hospital /
                          dereliction carved vital into tony blair & white teeth
                                            & smiles sound
                                                                    tracked back to work &
                                            bed closing circuit wage differentials [::]
                                                       of cyclic years cutting & our
                                                       difference rendered the same [£]
                                                                    of things can only craned speculative
                                                                    of financial blood / abandon f’
                                                                    contemporary rot
                              between alarm rent clock day & the damp
                              bred work & less well, you
                              sick daily by the skill shortage & IWGB:
                              collateral of wages for living, dear
                                                                                  boris opinion violence
                                            distributed / digested to the point of / common false
                                            killing clean for the purpose of the crimeswept &
                                            arteries oligarchical, [[applause of yur latest
                                                                                                               friends sung
                                                            until the housing bubble detonates all
                                                            drunk dressed up to leicester square & post-
                                                public school,
                                                                      as solidarity bored
                                     office cellular goes to
                                                                      foodbank & the
                                                                      paving, cloud top
                                                                                                 of the shard as the
                                                                                 working class vanished severe & you
                                                                                 puke underground
                                                                                               [[ forgot from friends
                                                                                 carved glass through the throat
                                             poem is easy & as inevitable
                                             as the next collapse ::
                                                                               productivity absent bled
                                                                               arms from the city
strand dust poured
                                ashes of our work onto parliament square, which you can
                                           holiday w/ the police throwing knives charge
                                                  / odeful hallway snailing city
                                                  hall glass, your murder of
                                                                                         frequencies & hours
                                                                                         barb the workday
                                & A&E warped into yur lux home to filth
                                                    to gull & garbage struck still & labourless
                                                    & ancient foul of thameswash




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