priderant in five parts

                            the relativity of pleasures || social’s contemporary sculpted
                                                      / barred as enclosures
                                                                                         private ,, scarcer
                                                                        gaming the pound / speculative;;

                                             shattering the self[-]capital mutating sexual dissidence
                                             subsumed // transformed : breeding dead
                                                                              life through the identical \\sweatboxed
                                             in alcohols drenched homing / returns on ploughed decades
                                             singing of yur boyfriend’s pop-visage, your
                                                     desire : an established market mass
                                                     product / value fluctuating that
                                                     yur beautiful survives only w/its circulations
                                                     limits of liberal thought.  

                             activity multiple of selves / the nation boundary
                                         defence/ contain/surveillance that
                                                       / the waking for the wage each AM
                                                       to produce our equivalence & homes
                                                       shirts of diversity for assimilation through work
                                                       anti-discrimination ordinances state just / protector
                                                       worldmaking, the gay contemporary
                                                       franchise of muscle & belonging identical//                                                            
                     stratified bank of ‘not
                     enough recession jobloss’ england / beset
                     anxiety constellating week
                                                              enfolding job centre plus
                                          [»] queer love in the lyric surround /
                                                                 sound systems parade of flesh abstract
                                                                 & financial industry
                                                                 / between tesco & bp trying
                             to stake radical our /::
                                                                ‘if you’re queer & you’re poor / if
                                                                you’re queer & you’re poor / then
                                                                you’re fucked’,, resistance negated,
                                          compartmental / continuing autonomously to be
                                          & to fuck as the
                                                                   parade & the protest march correlate
                                                                   only in their loss of efficacy. 

                             with the gloaming of classed
                                                                          gay pleasure industry ,, we
                                        trying to excavate our
                                                                          exterior / herstories, the un-
                                        recovered & unfunded, the surface begins w/ Marsha
                                                                          P. & Sylvia hustling to keep trans/
                                                                          queer kids off the street, liberators of food
                                                                          their all of the sidewalk

                                                                          starts w/ the compton queens riot 1966
                                                                          / that the trans*/queer past remains
                                                                          outside of alt. minds, this
                                                                          : our condition of poverty

                    with the love of money & nominal empire, lined
                    & entering PRS-slumish homes,
                                                   hours militarised domestic safety
                                                   attract \ protect sleeping goodcitizen, all freedom to
                                                   love & relative to home office gayproof migrant interrogation
                                                                           / colluding desire for the secure the
                               permanent rise & fall city sirens
                                                                        order hammered psyche / citydweller,
                                                    lips dress skin          ’s pleasure ,
                                                                                                       , drawing tongue ‘lax                 

                                                                               torso downward w/ sternomastoid sigh the
                                                         5AM ukvi invasive nation / Theresa : ‘when
                                                         x was penetrating, did you have an erection’
raw material, the marking of
                                              bodies in movement, necessities of
                                                                      the neo-colonial / ‘what is that
survive global / the
                                                                      outrage of liberals & world bank at uganda
                                              / of coercion, debt & dreams assimilate
                                              freedom to: growth in the spring
                                              , sites producing the north
                                                                                 where the US/AK fears not to tread.  

                  penetration wrapped in union
                  jack dancefloor / sweating
                                                            beautify abstract pulse coin pulse model pulse
                                                            body flows frame advert distributions human capital /
                                                            brands personified–- < wages or your life > extraction
                               fossilised refinery to white liberal  
                                                                      <boss as spare lover unclothed> 52%
                                                                       more inclined to buy from gay friendly
                                                                       ethics at the canapés popular
                                                                                                                    ambassador white
                                                            cis male dominant imaginary private
                                                                                                                    jouissance site oil
                                                            tax ejaculate dancefloor breath barclays employerhaven\\
                                                                       bullingdon men’s room swallow boris thrill
                              married into force tory state & assets thrilled
                                                                       with corp back & major white
                                                                       flesh erect come on board [#] freedom to



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