from 'radio / threat'

                             wealth harmonics /~/ negative series
                                                                  :: ‘british’ jobs mythology, a history of
                                                                     global blood & appropriation; consider
                                                                               who now severing the workmind /
                                                                               feasting  economic / funds public
                                                                               handed corporate ; the

                   unemployed reserve mutated to latent ‘workers’ shocks
                   frantic & starvation quote “looking for
                   yr future potential state productive
                   equates = £70pw ‘wage’ (sic) ‘free’
                                                                jubilant dictates morality
                                                                deployed typical ref. business practice
                     iain duncan messiah weekly that
                     vulnerability will force ‘productive’
                                                                           job cathedral / birdsweet
                                                                           by echo of sirens, wage lie, lie food bank
                                                                           lie jcp vulture hoard / bomb fetish ;; or
                                  deported, the value & investment in
                                  migrant hate tory pr salaries
                                  &/or tabloid editors the
                                                                       £figure that can be transformed into social fear
                                  operating against the recognition of agency
                                  & material need cf. acts of insolent british
                                  citizenry / that the
                                                               increase of migrant workers necessarily
                                  sources profit accumulation it is the
                                                           2015 general election {#} question 16: the words  
                                                           'britain', 'british isles' or 'british', however, are used
                                                           in this test to refer to everyone in a)
                                                           england b) the corporation’s city of london c)
                                                           serco yarl's wood detention centre
                                                           d)  policeofficer at door [§]
                                                                                                     = spectral theresa may
                                                                 [insert surveillance] the
                                                                              lyric you of television / you &/or
                                                                              descendents of empire windrush passengers,
                                                                              cavorts to democratic violence
                                                                              in pronouncements of  inverse
                                                           / polling booth myth absolute
                                                           = financiers queuing to enter parliament radio
                                                           4 air dead of eastern economies & difference
                                                          / all economies are negative histories bodies           
                                                                          & lived exploitation relative
                                                                          to the word 'fair' in all mouths
              [§] impossible beliefs of liberalism here
              in the 21st century when we do not exist &/or suffer


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