from 'radio / threat'

                    autoproclaim [::] will endowed in the shard is a
                                                                                           , its child glass
                                                                        / familial construct blood ozone
                                                                        sold fictive autoproclaim
                          [::] contemporary beauty of speculation << monumental
                          makes me /lie to my friends>>
conception block [doused
                                                                  casts of dirt / object-identitytype
                          weighing every london rooftop stench
                                                                  aspiration / national foul in
                          commercial/domestic claim to dwelling transformed post-LAPSO §144
                                                       from transport
                                                       <static street overseas corp power / on>
internal mutations / washed cross lines of
                                                       our flesh & lungs struggle / steroid clear , kept
                                                       hooked inflate & scars / to care in kiss cf.
:: the
                                                       number of times
                                               you have been told to think not ::
                                                                      duration saturating being
                                                                      perspective daily / landscape
                                                                      “engage, disrupt & deter” life &
                                                                      sleep by pavements humanity &
                                                                      increasing through thameswind
                                                                      neglible-net-worth cf. numb persons
                                                                      all newsprint is mythology
                                        autoproclaim [::]
                                                                      the shard is peaks PM10 particulates
                                                                      upper thames / millbank dressing glass
                                                                      thursday / marquis of granby SE14 NOx
                                                                      92 µg/m3 [¿ PM2.5 89 µg/m3 [¿ PM10
                                                                      107 µg/m3; for turning to sickness
                                                                                            ; logo of urban landscape ::
                                                                              ; overaccumulation / /

                  ; stunt ray skyscraped to fixed capital street assault / image perfect
                  that our words crossing subject realise publicity value our
                  squeals coexisting across work/labour distinction hyperstatic object-i exhaust
                                                 shard freedom to speculate / social
                                                 demolition / rebuilt honour / south asian blood
                                                 untranslated to dirham to pound
                                                 circulates to the heart of
                                                 >>lie to my friends
                                                 sun hung freeze hands of personified
                                                 >>street with the white financial
kidnap bankers
                          that the wharf parasitic eyeshot / line nook
                          nightby old kent rd / that our local mutates 
                                         / mutates new trains mutates w/ popular
                                         haunts / commercial tucked bourg. urban
                                         transplant valley hollar outdoor untitled
                                         ex-shopfront that they started to superbia / hit
                                         mechanical history / started to
                                         [#] supermarket // that your estate agent / 2nd in
                                         peckham, which belongs to none of us,
                                         that they rack us by our leased shacks &&  
                                         season of crisis produced over human


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