To Simon Howard [1960-2013]

                                                distortion contemporary to
                                                                                          logical freeze affective drizzle
                                                / torrents curved across the backs of us,
                                                incites memories
                                                                           reran / growing waveforms negate
                                                                           harmonic rationalism. their equivalent
                                                                           saturated, maintains the steady, old
                                                                           kent road as a form of purgatory, etc.
                                                                           reads our hard clasps unliving. caught
                                    in the care, familial will praise you.
                                          frequencies strain w/ the weight, as economy
                                          / endemic suction
                                                                      disables the possibility of social good:
                                    strips density out from private
                                                                                   struggled upon. our bare reach
                                    of digital comms–
                                                                 this poem is both a thin &
                                                                                                          thick support, through
                                                                 cur of the freeze & (sic) credit universalisms,
                                                                 holding the skin to our fingers.

                                                                                                                        December 2012


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